When Efficiency Matters
When Efficiency Matters

Platform updates and Content Releases

We are constantly updating existing content and releasing brand new content and platform updates for our Pinnacle Series e-learning system to make sure it houses the most up-to-date software and standards for your organization. See a full list of our new releases and updates below!

ProgramRelease DateRelease NameDescriptionType
civil3d-logo (1)Nov/19/2021Civil 3D Grading Optimization ContentA new learning path and workflow have been added covering Civil 3D Grading Optimization fundamentals. The new content also includes 13 videos on the Grading Optimization addition's user interface, tools, and workflow, as well as an exercise with a dataset.Content
MS_Project_LogoNov/04/2021New Project Explorer VideosA video on the new features in Project Explorer 2022 has been added to the asset library. This video covers updates like Rail Alignment Support, and report and table enhancements.Content
civil3d-logo (1)Nov/04/2021New Civil 3D VideosTwo new videos have been added to the Civil 3D asset library covering the new features in Civil 3D 2021 and Civil 3D 2022, including the addition of Corridor templates and a new Target mapping dialog box for Corridors.Content
NEWFORMA_LG_SYMBOLOct/28/2021Newforma Project Center LibraryPinnacle Series is now home to a brand-new content library focused on Newforma Project Center. The new library includes 12 learning paths, 47 courses and quizzes, 130 videos, and one workflow covering a variety of topics around this project information management platform.Content
Pinnacle Series Logo_New 2020Oct/28/2021New and Updated Business CoursesThree new business and management skills courses have been added to Pinnacle Series, covering Professionalism in the Workplace, Working Efficiently from Home, and Managing Remote Workers. Our course on Everyday Change Management has also been updated with new information. All of these courses are SCORM and match the current learning path format.Content
bluebeam-revu-newOct/06/2021Bluebeam Revu 2020.2 ContentFour courses and 24 videos in the Bluebeam Revu library have been updated to reflect the newest functionality and user interface of Bluebeam 2020.2. The updated courses included Introduction to Bluebeam Revu, PDF Editing & Management in Bluebeam Revu, Measurement and Markups in Bluebeam Revu, and Bluebeam Revu in the Field.Content
civil3d-logo (1)Oct/01/2021New Civil 3D Collaboration ContentA new learning path comprised of three courses, 15 videos, and one workflow has been added to the Civil 3D Collaboration library. The new content, which mirrors the content released earlier this year for Civil 3D Collaboration on the BIM 360 platform, covers Civil 3D Collaboration for Unified Projects.Content
Pinnacle Series’ content library includes Autodesk Construction Cloud training.Oct/01/2021New Autodesk Construction Cloud Unified Projects ContentNew videos, learning paths, and workflows have been added to the Autodesk Docs, Autodesk Collaborate, and Autodesk Collaborate Pro libraries. In total, there are 48 new videos, three learning paths with 14 courses, and five workflows covering Admin, Docs, Insight, Design Collaboration, Model Coordination, and Revit Cloud Materials for Unified Projects.Content
Build_stackedOct/01/2021New Autodesk Build ContentNew Autodesk Build content has been added to the Autodesk and Autodesk Construction Cloud libraries. The new content includes a learning path on Autodesk Build Fundamentals, seven new courses, 20 videos, eight document guides, and three new workflows covering project management, document management, and safety management. Content
civil3d-logo (1)Sep/15/2021New Civil 3D Learning PathA new learning path on Large Dataset Strategies is now available in the Civil 3D 2021/2022 content library. This path includes one course, 10 videos, and two new workflows covering strategies and tips for working with large datasetsContent
autocad-plant-3d-768x134Sep/15/2021New Plant 3D ContentThree videos in our Plant 3D library have been updated to better help users. These videos are Multi Select Pipe Lines for Drawing Generation, Project Recycle Bin, and Unified Selection Lists.Content
Formit-logoSep/15/2021Updated Formit ContentMultiple learning paths in the Formit library have been updated to reflect the latest functionality and user interface changes. The updated courses include Getting Started with Formit, Advanced Modeling, Presentation Tools, and Camera Views Orthographica and Perspective.Content
inventor-logoSep/06/2021Updated Inventor ContentOur Autodesk Inventor learning paths and courses have been updated to reflect the latest functionality and user interface changes for 2022, including eight new videos added to the Assembly Management Course. Existing videos have also been updated and replaced in the Secondary Features, Annotated Drawing, Introduction to Parts Modeling, and Drawing Basics courses.Content
Pinnacle Series’ content library covers Vault software training.Aug/06/2021Vault Course UpdatesOur Autodesk Vault offerings have been updated to reflect the latest functionality and user interface changes. All Vault Thin Client course videos within the Vault Essentials Path have been updated and replaced. A new Vault Mobile App course covering the basics of using the app has also been added to the Vault Essentials Learning Path.Content
civil3d-logo (1)Jul/01/2021New Civil 3D Learning PathA new learning path for Civil 3D on Advanced Corridor Modeling has been added. This learning path includes the Modeling Driveways course, which features a workflow that leverages a versatile custom driveway assembly and can be applied to curb ramps at pedestrian crossings.Content
civil3d-logo (1)Jun/25/2021New Civil 3D CourseA new "Modeling Driveways" course is now available in the Civil 3D 2022 library. The course introduces a workflow that helps users model driveway entrances along corridors that have a curb and gutter, which can also be applied to curb ramps at pedestrian crossings. Modeling Driveways includes a custom driveway subassembly, created from scratch in Subassembly Composer, that provides a versatile curb and gutter solution and which clients can add to their Civil 3D library to leverage on projects or further develop in Subassembly Composer if needed. Content
bim360-newApr/27/2021BIM 360 Document Management UpdateA new video on Working with Files in Document Management was added, covering search and filtering of documents, generation of document logs and reports, and management of title blocks and custom attributes. All 12 BIM 360 Document Management videos were also updated to reflect the addition of the Autodesk Construction Cloud branding to the interface. Minor edits to most of the video scripts were also made to reflect any enhancements to the platform over the past few months.Content
civil3d-logo (1)Apr/23/2021Civil 3D Rail Design UpdateA new learning path containing two courses and a workflow containing two processes have been added to the Civil 3D asset library for Rail design. The Rail Design for Civil 3D course focuses on a typical rail design workflow and the modeling of rail spurs. The Rail Design Workflow is similar to roadway design but uses different design standards and requirements. This content also addresses out-of-box Rail design criteria, rail tools, and subassemblies. Content
bim360-newApr/15/2021BIM 360 Model Coordination Update All BIM 360 Model Coordination videos have been updated to show the altered interface, which was a color scheme and icon change adding the Autodesk Construction Cloud branding on the page. Minor edits have also been made to most video scripts to reflect any major enhancements to the platform over the past few months. Three additional videos have been added: Working with the Navisworks BIM 360 Issues Addon, Working with the Revit BIM 360 Issues Addon, and Example Model Coordination Workflow. The learning path has been updated to accommodate this new content, as well as best practice Revit tasks and updated BIM 360 UI.Content
civil3d-logo (1)Apr/13/2021Civil 3D UpdateA new learning path on BIM Collaboration for Civil 3D is now available in the Civil 3D 2020 and 2021 library. The new learning path includes courses on BIM 360 Project Setup, Civil 3D Project Setup in BIM 360, and Collaborating on Civil 3D Projects in BIM 360. This path is intended for Civil 3D users who are new to BIM 360, and who are looking for guidance on the requirements for BIM collaboration, how to set up their Civil 3D projects to share project templates, how to set up Data Shortcuts in BIM 360, and more.Content
esri-arcgis-logoApr/13/2021ESRI ArcGIS ContentA new library and learning path on ESRI ArcGIS has been added to the Building and Infrastructure subscription. The ESRI (Environmental Systems Research Institute) content covers GIS (geographic information system) basics and "What is GIS." The learning path is an integrated approach, combining ArcGIS Pro and ArcGIS online applications. Content
buildingconnected-portfolio-new-logoMar/15/2021BuildingConnected UpdatesNew content has been added to the BuildingConnected library, including one new learning path on Bid Manager for General Contractors Fundamentals and one on BC Bid Board Pro for Subcontractors Fundamentals. An additional learning path on TradeTapp Fundamentals will be added in the coming weeks.Content
autodesk-infraworksMar/08/2021InfraWorks UpdatesA new learning path on Analysis, Optimization, and Simulation has been added to the InfraWorks library. This learning path includes two courses and addresses important aspects of roadway design including line-of-sight analysis, corridor optimization, and traffic simulation.Content
bentley-openroads-software-training-online-removebg-previewFeb/19/2021OpenRoads Designer ContentA new learning path on using Civil Cells is now available in the OpenRoads Designer asset library. This path includes fundamental courses on getting started with Civil Cells, grading an intersection with Civil Cells, grading curb ramps with Civil Cells, and grading driveway entrances with Civil Cells. Also included is a new process, "Grading with Civil Cells," which outlines common tasks and steps to follow when working with Civil Cells. You can find this process in the OpenRoads Designer Project workflow.Content
bim360-newFeb/19/2021BIM 360 IntegrationPinnacle Series is now integrated with Autodesk BIM 360 Partner Cards. Mutual customers will be able to create a widget inside of BIM 360 that allows them to access Pinnacle Series learning content on topics including Reality Capture, Project Management & Scheduling, and Site & Safety Management directly from the BIM 360 dashboard. A guide titled “How to set up the widget for Pinnacle Series’ BIM 360 Partner Cards" is available in Pinnacle Series to help you get started with the integration.Platform
gear-icon-content-release-table-removebg-previewJan/26/2021SCORM Content UpdatesNew SCORM content has been added to the Microsoft, Adobe, and Business and Management Skills libraries. SCORM content - which comes translated and transcribed automatically - is labeled as "current" while older content is designated as "legacy." Content
civil3d-logo (1)Dec/23/2020Civil 3D Data Exchange ContentA new workflow on Civil 3D data exchange has been added to the Civil 3D 2021 library. This workflow will provide guidance for Civil 3D collaboration and interoperability processes in programs including Infraworks, Revit, Navisworks, and BIM 360. A process to import and export data between OpenRoads Designer and Civil 3D is also included in the workflow.Content
Pinnacle Series offers BuildingConnected training for AEC organizations.Dec/17/2020BC Pro ContentA learning path on BC Pro Fundamentals for General Contractors and Owners has been added to the BuildingConnected asset library. This new learning path includes two courses, 12 videos with transcripts, and quizzes with randomized questions.Content
Pinnacle Series offers PlanGrid software training for AEC companies.Dec/10/2020PlanGrid UpdatesA course with 6 videos on Navigating the PlanGrid Mobile App in the Field, as well as 7 videos on PlanGrid Updates in 2020, have been added to the PlanGrid Fundamentals Learning Path within both the Autodesk and Autodesk Construction Cloud asset libraries.Content
civil3d-logo (1)Dec/07/2020Custom Property Sets: Civil 3D Expanded ContentA new course on Custom Property Sets is now available in the intermediate Civil 3D Learning Path “Customize Templates and Styles." This course will teach users the benefits of custom Property Sets and how to create them for their drawing templates. The course includes videos, documents, an exercise, and a quiz.Content
civil3d-logo (1)Nov/17/2020Civil 3D Project Explorer UpdatesA new library of content on Civil 3D Project Explorer is now available. This course covers the benefits of using Project Explorer, where users can go to access it, and common use-cases. This library includes videos, documents, a workflow, and learning path.Content
gear-icon-content-release-table-removebg-previewNov/15/2020Improved Interface ExperienceUsers now have additional options for the user interface (UI) under Branding & Customization, including 3 new Widgets and a complete overhaul of the mobile end-user interface. If you’re a current Pinnacle Series user, watch this video to learn more about the new Widgets.Platform
gear-icon-content-release-table-removebg-previewNov/15/2020Upload and Consume SCORM PackagesThis new ability will make it far easier for organizations to acquire or license learning content from other vendors and import it into Pinnacle Series. If you’re a current Pinnacle Series user, watch this video to learn how to upload and view SCORM content.Platform
bentley-openroads-software-training-online-removebg-previewNov/03/2020OpenRoads Designer UpdatesAdditional datasets and exercises have been added to 7 OpenRoads Designer courses in the Bentley content library, in response to client requests. The datasets and exercises include both imperial and metric unit options, and can be found in the course asset list upon enrolling in the courses. Content
bentley-openroads-software-training-online-removebg-previewOct/23/2020OpenRoads and OpenSite UpdatesNew content is now available for Bentley OpenRoads and OpenSite Designer. Two new courses have been added to the OpenRoads Designer Fundamentals learning path covering pad grading and pond grading fundamentals. Two processes on general pond grading and general pad grinding have also been added. This release also introduces new learning path, a new workflow, and two new courses for OpenSite Designer, a sister product of OpenRoads Designer. The learning path covers OpenSite fundamentals, while the courses cover optimizing layout and grading for parking and parcels. Content
bim360-newOct/23/2020BIM 360 UpdatesA new learning path has been added to give users a basic understanding of the BIM 360 Assets Module, which allows for centralized documentation, customization, and streamlined management of construction assets and equipment. This learning path includes nine new videos with transcripts included, as well as quizzes with randomized questions. Content
bim360-newOct/06/2020BIM 360 UpdatesAll current videos have been updated and a total of 54 new videos have been added, on the topics of BIM 360 Admin, Document Management, Cloud Shared Models, Design Collaboration, Model Coordination, Field Management, Project Management, and Project Home and Insight. Learning path content on these topics has also been updated. New workflows were also added on BIM 360 Document Management, Cloud Shared Models, Design Collaboration, Model Coordination, and Field Management. Content
video-icon-content-release-table-removebg-previewOct/02/2020Manufacturing Video Updates Nearly 70 manufacturing-related videos have been added or updated on topics including Inventor Part Modeling, Inventor Tube and Pipe, Inventor Sheet Metal, Inventor Frame Generator, Plant 3D, AudoCAD Mechanical, AutoCAD Electrical, Fusion 360, AutoCAD, Formit, Advanced Steel, and Vault.Content
Pinnacle Series’ content library covers BIM Track software training.Sep/25/2020New BIM Track contentTraining content for the BIM Track platform is now available in Pinnacle Series. Our comprehensive content provides Architects, BIM Managers, BIM Coordinators, and Project Managers with the resources they need to learn and help train others on BIM Track, a web-based communication platform for BIM coordination.Content
Pinnacle Series’ content library includes Autodesk Construction Cloud training.Sep/17/2020Autodesk Construction Cloud New Assemble ContentAdditional content added around core capabilities and how to navigate through Assemble. For the user experience, video content was created to help reinforce "why this is important to me" in a role based approach. New workflows were added around common tasks and roles on a construction project. Finally, additional content focused on the Mobile Assemble App has been added to the library. Content
civil3d-logo (1)Aug/28/2020New Civil 3D Learning Path Survey EssentialsA new learning path on survey essentials is available in the Civil 3D content library. This learning path includes three courses, and targets users who are responsible for processing survey files into a Civil 3D drawing. The new content also includes a course on Traverse analysis, new videos, exercises, and quizzes.Content
global-bim-standards-training-removebg-previewAug/24/2020New Global BIM Standards contentA full learning path covering Global BIM (Building Information Modeling) ISO (International Organization for Standardization) 19650 Standards is now available in Pinnacle Series. This content was created in partnership with Digital Node.Content
bluebeam-logoAug/14/2020Updated Bluebeam Revu learning pathThe learning path for Bluebeam Revu has been updated to include four new videos on customizing keyboard shortcuts, creating image flipbooks, using sketch to scale tools, and implementing document templates in projects. Two new how-to documents on Autodesk plugins for Revu and customizing profiles in projects have also been added.Content
Pinnacle Series’ content library covers AEC health and safety training.Aug/14/2020New Health and Safety contentAdditional Health and Safety content has been added to Pinnacle Series, including improved learning paths for human resources safety and workplace safety. The new content also includes videos on workplace discrimination for employees, sexual harassment for employees, and workplace discrimination for managers and supervisors. Existing videos have also been reorganized into better-fit learning paths.Content
autodesk-infraworksJul/31/2020Updated Infraworks 2021 contentInfraworks content has been updated for 2021. This content update includes new videos and video bookmarks, updated scripts, screen captures, exercises, datasets, and quizzes. Content
assemble-logo-removebg-previewJul/14/2020New interoperability workflows for Assemble construction librarySix new interoperability workflows have been added to the Assemble construction library, part of Autodesk Construction Cloud's portfolio. These workflows include Assemble + AutoCAD, Assemble + Civil 3D, Assemble + iSqFt, Assemble + Point Cloud, Assemble + Power BI, and Assemble + Procore. Content
bim360-newJun/08/2020BIM 360 Project Management UpdatesA new course has been added to improve understanding and utilization of the Meeting Minutes toolset in BIM 360's Project Management module. The course walks users through creating meetings, tracking attendance, generating agendas, capturing minutes, and creating follow-up meetings.Content
bim360-newJun/08/2020BIM 360 Cost Management Updates A new learning path has been created to guide users through managing costs, budget changes, supplier contracts, and visibility using the Cost Management module in BIM 360. The Cost Management module can help users track changes, coordinate change orders, and understand the financial impact of each budget alteration on a project's bottom line.Content
Pinnacle Series offers PlanGrid software training for AEC companies.Jun/08/2020PlanGrid UpdatesOur PlanGrid content has been updated to cover two new functionalities within the program. First is the ability to build templates that can help users save time when they set up a Custom Form or fill out a Field Report. The second is a field for Root Cause, which allows users to choose from a drop-down list of root causes to categorize issue types when creating a new task.Content
health-and-safety-logoJun/08/2020Interoperability WorkflowsFive new interoperability workflows for construction have been added that give users an understanding of how different platforms communicate with each other, and to provide a starting point for migrating project data. These workflows are: Assemble + BIM 360, Assemble + Excel, Assemble + Navisworks, Assemble + Revit, and BuildingConnected + PlanGrid.Content
training-icon-content-release-table-removebg-previewMar/10/2020Live training featuresPinnacle Series now offers the ability to schedule, manage, monitor, and track live instructor-led training sessions within the platform. Content
gear-icon-content-release-table-removebg-previewMar/10/2020Customizable UI/widgetsCustomizable UI/widgets Administrators can now leverage widgets to control the user experience, and further customize the Pinnacle Series interface to best fit their organization’s needs and branding. Both the Home Page and Learning Center have been designed as a collection of widgets, giving administrators complete control over the look and feel of the platform. Additional widgets will be developed and made available through the Widget Library – if you have ideas for additional widgets, please contact the support team or your Customer Success Manager.Platform
workgroup-icon-content-release-table-removebg-previewMar/10/2020External Work Group membershipWork Groups now allow users to share information with people outside of their organization. This feature allows for the creation of project-specific Work Groups for subconsultants or subcontractors to view your standards, project onboarding materials, BIM execution plans, and more. Internal and external team members can discuss items through the discussion board, and administrators can view dashboard analytics showing how external users are viewing and using content.Platform
gear-icon-content-release-table-removebg-previewMar/10/2020Automatically enroll users into training when placed into a Pinnacle GroupAdministrators can now set up rules to automatically enroll users into courses and learning paths when they get added into a new group, such as when they move to a new role within the firm. Users will also receive notifications so they know their assignments as they begin new roles.Platform
course-icon-content-release-table-removebg-previewOct/09/2019Course prerequisitesPinnacle Series now allows administrators the ability to establish course prerequisites that require users to complete courses prior to enrolling in more advanced courses or learning paths.Platform
gear-icon-content-release-table-removebg-previewOct/09/2019Customizable themesAdministrators can now create and apply a custom color or font theme to Pinnacle Series to better align the platform with their organization's branding.Platform
quiz-icon-content-release-table-removebg-previewOct/09/2019Additional improvements to quizzesThe quizzes feature within Pinnacle Series now allows administrators to use images as answers, randomize the quiz questions, place a limit on questions asked, conduct long-term tracking of Q&A, set maximum quiz attempts, and more.Platform
bigstock-doc-file-icon-isolated-on-whit-410298097-removebg-previewMay/28/2019Universal documentsUsers can now import many common content formats including PDF, DOC, XLS, HTML, PPT, and more, removing the need to create all of their custom content from scratch.Platform
gear-icon-content-release-table-removebg-previewMay/28/2019Active Directory synchronization improvements - Sync AD Groups with Pinnacle GroupsAdvanced options are now available in Pinnacle Series to allow for more automation in terms of the user account and group setup.Platform

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