Pinnacle Series

The Leading e-Learning System for AEC Organizations

We have served as a trusted name in the AEC industry for nearly 40 years. With Pinnacle Series we deliver the e-learning resources your firm needs to have a competitive edge, along with unmatched support and customer service.

We’re not just another e-learning platform – we’re your partner in improving training, knowledge sharing, and productivity across your organization for years to come.

Support to make a lasting impact

A 2016 software usage report by 1E found that 28% of software programs installed on business computers go unused, costing companies an average of $224 in wasted programs per computer. How much money is your AEC firm spending on programs employees don’t benefit from or – even worse – don’t use at all?

When you choose Pinnacle Series, you can rest assured your purchase won’t become another statistic. You’ll receive support from a dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM) who helps you every step of the way to make sure your organization not only implements Pinnacle Series, but that employees actually use it.

Plus, with training materials available on commonly used AEC software like Autodesk and SketchUp, Pinnacle Series ensures your team has the tools they need to not just use but master these programs as well. Your organization will get a competitive edge, and your software purchases won’t go to waste. 

Boost productivity – and your bottom line

According to McKinsey & Company, it’s estimated that employees spend 1.8 hours each day – the equivalent of one full work day each week – searching for the information they need to do their jobs effectively. Pinnacle Series can help you save that valuable time that could be spent on project work. With our robust search, on-demand content, and Related Learning plugin for Autodesk products, employees can find the answers they need quickly, and get back to the work that really matters. Your employees will feel empowered, and you’ll reap the rewards of improved productivity, efficiency, and client satisfaction at your firm by choosing Pinnacle Series.

Give your firm a competitive edge – and higher employee retention rates

With Pinnacle Series’ continuous learning resources your employees receive personalized learning tailored to their skill gaps, and don’t waste time training on what they already know.

By offering tools to support employees’ project work and professional growth, you can improve employee retention rates – and usher in meaningful company growth as well.

The content available
through Pinnacle Series includes

Learning path courses

Our content covers the top AEC industry topics, including

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Are you ready to see how Pinnacle Series can transform your AEC organization? Get in touch with our team today!

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