When Efficiency Matters
When Efficiency Matters
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Equip Your Employees with Answers

When architecture, design, and planning firm KTGY was looking for a way to unify its training and share customized learning content across its offices, it turned to Pinnacle Series.

One area KTGY has seen returns from its investment in Pinnacle Series is the time the firm’s help desk spends fielding questions from employees, according to Dawn Bridges, Director of Technology.

“Our technology team will get requests for information. And what they’re able to do is point [employees] to Pinnacle to a how-to document… as a first step to learning and teaching, as opposed to just fixing,” Bridges explains. “We would love to teach people to fish, not provide the fish for them.”

Here more from Bridges about why KTGY chose Pinnacle Series and the results they’ve seen in this video case study.

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Choose Pinnacle Series to get this and more:

Expansive content libraries

Includes training on dozens of AEC software programs

Customizable content

You can tailor our entire content library to your organization’s standards

On-demand resources

Available whenever employees have a question

Personalized training

Target skill gaps and foster ongoing learning

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