When Efficiency Matters
When Efficiency Matters

Pinnacle Lite

The Perfect Fit for Your Smaller AEC Firm

For smaller AEC organizations or firms looking to ease into an e-learning system, our Pinnacle Lite platform is a natural choice. Pinnacle Lite offers a scaled-down version of our core e-learning system, Pinnacle Series, with the content your team needs to master commonly used AEC industry software.

Streamlined Features

With Pinnacle Lite, your team will have access to the expert-created courses, quizzes, workflows, documents, and videos that Eagle Point Software is known for, with less time required for setup and customization. You’ll get the content your team needs to do their jobs more effectively, without features that may be unnecessary for your firm.

An affordable solution

With support for up to 25 users, Pinnacle Lite offers a more affordable way to introduce e-learning to your organization that’s just right for smaller teams.

The content available
through Pinnacle Lite includes

Learning path courses

Our content covers top AEC industry topics, including:

Improve productivity

For times when your team needs help with project work, Pinnacle Lite’s robust search, on-demand content, and Related Learning plugin for Autodesk products are here to deliver answers whenever or wherever they’re working. Your team will spend less time looking for information, and more time producing high-quality work for your clients.

Easy upgrades

If you ever decide to take the next step from Pinnacle Lite to Pinnacle Series, upgrading is a breeze. Our team is ready to help you every step of the way, from implementation to making sure your organization is fully utilizing Pinnacle Series.

Are you ready to see how Pinnacle Lite can transform your AEC organization? Get in touch with our team today!

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