When Efficiency Matters
When Efficiency Matters

How Successful Construction Firms Build Trust

As simple as it may seem, trust is a key indicator of performance. It is a subjective way to measure 1. Evolution or “Growth”, 2. Client Engagement or “Retention” and 3. Detachment or “Turnover.” In having trust, there is a freedom to perform well. It boosts confidence and strengthens credibility. The collective mindshare around trust helps to preserve top-quality results and produces positive future interactions.

Let’s say you’re a general contractor working with a drywall supplier that sold you on a job confirming material would be available in 6 weeks. The moment they realize that they are going to run into supply chain or production issues on the manufacturer’s side, they immediately dial you in well ahead of time. This in turn allows you to make a new arrangement and take an alternative course of action. You figure out that material can be drop-shipped to site versus going to a distribution center, which helped you save time that way. Now you know that you can still trust that drywall supplier because they were honest. When your interpersonal relationships are intact, the possibilities to achieve a better, smarter, safer and more sustainable built environment become very feasible.

Find out from our very own Bianca Holtier Coury as she shares her insights alongside construction industry experts on the benefits of having trust in construction.

Read it here: https://constructionblog.autodesk.com/construction-firms-build-trust/

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