When Efficiency Matters
When Efficiency Matters
Learn about AEC collaboration tools found in Pinnacle Series.

6 AEC Collaboration Tools in Pinnacle Series

Employees are part of teams, and in order for teams to be successful, they need to collaborate effectively. At Eagle Point Software, our industry experts are intimately familiar with the needs of AEC organizations and their teams. Keep reading to learn about some of the collaboration tools you’ll find in Pinnacle Series.

Learn about ROI metrics for learning and development success here.

ROI Metrics for Learning & Development Success

ROI metrics for learning and development can be a bit tricky to measure precisely. How do you put a dollar value on employees with improved skills, more knowledge, and extra confidence? Well, our philosophy is that there are metrics that matter beyond dollar values. Keep reading to learn some more about the best ROI metrics for learning and development.

Learn about the AEC health and safety training content Pinnacle Series offers.

An Overview of Our AEC Health & Safety Training Content

There are few things more important than proper AEC health & safety training for people working in the construction industry. Our flagship e-learning platform has a variety of construction health and safety training resources to help prepare your team for these unexpected scenarios! Keep reading to see an overview of all the health and safety training resources we have available.

Learn why you should become a reseller partner of Pinnacle Series, the top AEC e-learning solution.

6 Benefits of Becoming an AEC E-Learning Solution Partner

We’ve built Pinnacle Series to be the best AEC e-learning solution in the business. Our team at Eagle Point Software is excited to get the software into the hands of as many organizations as possible, and our reseller partners are incredibly valuable allies in this goal—and we want to make it equally rewarding for them too! Keep reading to learn about the benefits of being a Pinnacle Series reselling partner.

Pinnacle Series offers e-learning reporting tools to track your employees’ training progress.

How to Use Our AEC E-Learning Reporting Tools to Benchmark Progress

E-learning reporting tools are an essential part of any AEC training platform. If you can’t monitor employees’ progress, it’s difficult to adequately fill skills gaps and analyze how successful your program implementation has been. That’s why Pinnacle Series comes with built-in e-learning reporting tools to help! Let’s go over some key ways you can use Pinnacle to set goals and benchmark training progress for your staff.

Avoid these common AEC e-learning pitfalls.

5 Common AEC E-Learning Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

E-learning can be an incredible tool to drive progress in your AEC and manufacturing organization and help upskill employees. However, if you aren’t aware of common e-learning pitfalls and how to avoid them, they could sabotage your training goals. Keep reading to learn about five e-learning pitfalls and how you can avoid them with Pinnacle Series!

Find software training for the construction industry in Pinnacle Series.

5 Essential Software Trainings for the Construction Industry

The modern-day construction industry has been completely changed and shaped by digital transformation, with digital processes and technologies driving progress in the space. Construction software training is essential for organizations that want to adopt new tech and maximize their efficiency. Keep reading to learn about the most essential software training for the construction industry and how Pinnacle can help!

Learn how to manage AEC training across multiple locations with Pinnacle Series.

How to Manage AEC Training Across Multiple Locations

If your organization needs to deliver training across multiple locations, you need an AEC e-learning solution that can keep up. Relying on in-person training events can be costly, inefficient with time, and less effective for long-term information retention. Learn how a great AEC e-learning solution like Pinnacle Series can help you manage training across multiple locations more successfully!

Learn about Pinnacle Series features that provide value to AEC organizations just like yours here.

6 Pinnacle Series Features that Bring Value to AEC Organizations

Our flagship e-learning solution, Pinnacle Series, was built specifically for the needs of AEC organizations. To that end, we’ve built a variety of features to help each client make the most of their end-to-end experience with the software. Keep reading to learn about some of Pinnacle Series’ valuable features and how they enhance our e-learning solution.

Learn how to improve communication within your AEC organization.

How to Improve Communication Within Your AEC Organization

Good communication is so essential that there’s a designated month for it — June is Effective Communications Month! It matters not just on a personal level, but at a professional and corporate level too. Communication between all the participants is the only way to fit all the right pieces together. Keep reading to learn how Pinnacle Series can help you improve communication within your company.

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