Learn how Pinnacle Series can make employee onboarding more efficient in this blog.

6 Keys to Efficient Employee Onboarding with Pinnacle Series

When you’re welcoming a new employee to your organization, there’s so much for them to learn as they get accustomed to their new role and work environment. A robust employee onboarding system can make this process as smooth and enjoyable as possible for everyone involved — including you! Pinnacle Series, our flagship e-learning and knowledge management system, was built for scenarios just like this. Keep reading to learn more!

February 2021 E-Newsletter

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Review this blog for top AEC skills to learn and master in 2021.

6 Top AEC Skills to Master in 2021

The AEC industries are rapidly changing and embracing new technologies, making it essential for organizations to ensure their teams are up-to-date on the top AEC skills. To prepare for 2021 and beyond, Eagle Point Software’s Pinnacle Series team shared their thoughts on AEC skills and trends and why they’re essential.

Discover the benefits of upskilling employees here.

5 Benefits of Upskilling Employees

Every organization wants skilled employees — but how many are genuinely invested in helping their staff reach those higher levels? Some managers might be unsure about spending precious time and resources on extra education, but the benefits of upskilling employees vastly outweigh the costs.  Keep reading to learn about the benefits of upskilling your employees.

Learn about our customer success-driven approach to e-learning.

5 Ways Our Customer Success-Driven Approach to E-Learning Makes a Difference

At Eagle Point Software, our Customer Success team is the largest department in the company — and that’s no accident! Beyond building comprehensive solutions like Pinnacle Series, our top priority is to help each client fully use our products to achieve their specific desired objectives. Learn more about the ways our Customer Success Managers (or CSMs) work to support our Pinnacle Series clients each and every day.

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Learn how our AEC e-learning solution Pinnacle Series improves employee retention.

How Our AEC E-Learning Solution Improves Employee Retention

Employee retention is one of the biggest ongoing goals for successful companies. Improving retention allows you to keep your top performers, promote from within, and avoid the time and cost of continually replacing staff. Keep reading to learn how Pinnacle Series can help deliver the development employees are looking for and improve retention at your company.

Avoid making these common digital transformation mistakes.

6 Digital Transformation Mistakes to Avoid

the AEC industry has been embracing digital transformation in recent years, leveraging technology’s power to share knowledge, incorporate new digital processes into everyday workflows, and optimize operations. You need a solid plan if you’re going to avoid mistakes when implementing these digital transformation initiatives. Keep reading to learn how you can avoid common digital transformation mistakes.

5 Ways to Maximize User Adoption of New Technologies

When you’re introducing a new technology solution or e-learning system like Pinnacle Series to your organization, it’s vital to understand the various ways you can maximize user adoption. After all, even the most top-notch software on the market doesn’t provide much value if your team doesn’t use it. Keep reading to learn tips for maximizing user adoption of a new e-learning system.

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