Workflows are ideal for walking people step-by-step through processes needed to complete their work. Use them in a production environment as a way to guide people through executing best practices and standard procedures. The onscreen instructions help people achieve consistent outcomes and improve your productivity.

Key Features

  • Workflows can function as either a step-by-step guide for those doing a task for the first time, or as a simple reference for experienced users who want to ensure they don’t miss a step.
  • Interactive Visual Process diagrams guide people through the execution of office workflows, helping them complete tasks in the right order and use the right software features.
  • Standard workflows facilitate collaboration between departments or project teams by communicating guidelines for standards and file sharing.
  • Links to online videos provide a “just-in-time” learning environment, increasing proficiency by showing you right options, settings and buttons to click.
  • Customize out-of-the box workflows or create your own by documenting instructions and embedding links to execute software commands right inside the task and step descriptions.
  • Streamline access to tools such as email, web pages, Sharepoint sites, spreadsheets, images, and documents and make your staff more efficient and productive.
  • Cut re-learning time to a minimum by having well documented processes available to your teams for infrequent tasks or project types.
  • Empower people to contribute their knowledge and offer improvement ideas to Workflows with the Make Content Suggestion feature.
  • Balance your workload by distributing work to less busy teams and know they are producing the same deliverables following your standard processes.
  • Assign responsibility to departments and roles for easy identification and accountability.
  • No special IT or programming skills are necessary. Simply write the instructions as you would using a word processor and browse for files, web pages, programs and specific software commands to execute.
  • Administrative tools allow you to control who has access to create and customize workflows and to specify which users can see what content.
  • Reports on Resource Usage and Searched Terms are also available to understand how people are benefitting from Pinnacle Series.
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