Video lessons are great at delivering information by showing people where they need to go and how to do a task. They also help communicate deeper training concepts in a way that people can consume “just-in-time” when they need to learn. That’s why there are short “How-to” videos and Recorded Training Classes included in the video library.

Key Features

  • Short, just-in-time “How-to” videos help you learn commands at your own pace, 24/7.
  • Workflows and Cheat Sheets link to videos, presenting just the right amount of video training at the right time to supplement your learning.
  • Help visual learners see how to select the right options and buttons to click in order to effectively run specific software commands.
  • The integrated video player lets you watch without a browser and view it alongside your software on a secondary screen.
  • Watch the video lessons full-screen to see all the details.
  • With Archived Training Class Videos, you have 24/7 access to classes recorded from live instructor-led training sessions.
  • Supplement the standard video listings by adding your own video links to custom videos you produce.
  • Upload your videos to Pinnacle cloud storage and provide access to people in other offices, or even at home.
  • Create tool links that point to your videos and provide blended learning for users following your custom Workflows and Cheat Sheets.
  • Administrative tools allow you to control who has access to link your custom video content and to limit how many videos users are allowed to view in a month.
  • Reports on Resource Usage and Searched Terms are also available to understand how people are benefitting from Pinnacle Series.
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