Powerful, Trusted Search

The powerful and trusted built-in search engine within Pinnacle Series spans all resource types and content to quickly give relevant results to the topics you’re looking for. More than just keyword search, results are ranked based on terminology use, the frequency of occurrence and searching through all written text, not just tags or indexed metadata.

Key Features

    • The robust Search engine presents people immediate, relevant results within the context of key words and phrases without needing to open a web browser and wading through hundreds of thousands of resulting page links
      Recently Added Features:
      • Smarter so users receive better results than ever before.
      • Faster so users find answers significantly quicker than ever before.
      • Visual with color coding to distinguish between custom and public content and highlighted search terms to help users identify the best result.
      • Friendlier with available product and version filters so users don’t have to worry about looking through results that are not relevant to their application or the version they are using.
      • Expansive so users can see the entire text description to not only help them select a better result but also act on the result immediately.
  • Contextual search uses all forms of content including workflows, cheats sheets, videos, upcoming training classes, and chat sessions to let you select the right result.
  • Dynamically filter your search selection to show more or less results based on content type.
  • Extended Search creates an integration with other corporate sources of information like SharePoint sites and company Intranets, allowing people to broaden their search outside of the Pinnacle Series content.
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