Live On-Line Training

Instructor-led training is accessed through the built-in training calendar where people can register just for the right classes for them. Designed with maximum retention in mind, curriculum is delivered in 1-hour (or less) sessions right alongside the applications you are learning about.

Key Features

  • Classes are instructor-led and interactive so you can get your questions answered on the spot.
  • Replace multi-day “event” training with short, 60-minute classes that don’t consume 3 or 4 days of non-billable time or travel costs.
  • Classes are conveniently offered so you can attend when you need the instruction most – during a project where you can immediately apply what you’re learning.
  • Class durations target maximum retention with smaller doses instead of overloading people with every topic in one event.
  • Attend as many sessions as often as you like – great for occasional users who don’t utilize the software every day but need a quick refresher.
  • Easily review the sessions you’ve attended and which ones you are registered for in the future to make appropriate class selections.
  • On the day of your class reminders appear, letting you simply click the Enter Class button and attend the session live from your desk.
  • Supplement the training calendar by adding your own custom classes to the calendar, specifying to hold them online or in your classroom.
  • Administrative tools allow you to control how many classes users are allowed to attend in a month.
  • Reports on training registrations and attendance are available to understand who’s taken which classes and when.
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