Learning Paths

Learning Paths present clear course outlines to guide people through self-paced training curriculum. In addition to the supplied Public Learning Paths, custom Learning Paths walk people through courses unique to your organization. Learning Paths are perfectly suited for on-boarding new employees, delivering software training that addresses various skill levels as well as providing ongoing education opportunities for career advancement.

Key Features

  • Users can take initiative and self-enroll in a variety of courses to improve their skill sets.
  •   Supplied training courses include materials to help Novice and Advanced users alike.
  •   “Just-in-time training” means convenient access to training materials when you need the instruction most — during a project where you can immediately apply what you’re learning.
  •   Create a clear path for new employees and track them during On-boarding activities.
  •   Individuals can review their transcript and print certificates of completion.
  •   Managers can make Course Assignments to multiple users and by roles. Notifications are automatically sent when courses are completed or when an assignment is past due.
  •   Reminders keep people on track to complete their training on time.
  •   Track progress on learners, through reporting, to see who’s finished on time and who’s behind.
  •   Understand where individual user’s skills are deficient and assign them a learning path.
  •    Export data to other Learning Management Systems (LMS) and Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS).
  •   Re-use public content and include your own content and instruction in customizable courses.
  •   Leverage existing Pinnacle Series content in training courses that’s the same that people access when they’re stuck
  •   Interactive Workflow and Cheat Sheet content, Video instruction and Live Training Classes address every learning style.
  •   Quizzes assess people’s knowledge to provide insight into the “stickiness” and effectiveness of your training.
  •   Live, expert led classes are offered on a regular basis.
  •   Supplement the included live training classes by adding your own custom classes to the calendar, specifying to hold them online or in your classroom.
Click below to see a detailed list of Pinnacle Series content that is available for each specific industry.