Custom Content

In addition to the extensive library of content included, Content Managers can quickly add content unique to your organization. Leverage the Out-of-the-box Workflows, Cheat Sheets and Videos as the basis for your own custom content or simply create new content from scratch. Copy/Paste existing documentation and images into the descriptions or link to content that already resides in other places.

Key Features

  • No special IT or programming skills are necessary. Simply write the instructions as you would using a word processor and browse for files, web pages, programs and specific software commands to execute.
  • When linking existing files, take advantage of unlimited cloud storage and optionally upload them to be accessed everywhere.
  • Administrative tools allow you to control who has access to create and customize Workflows, Cheat Sheets, Videos, Training Classes, Quizzes, and Courses,  and to specify which users can see what content.
  • Create graphical Workflow diagrams with 5 simple shapes to help people visualize not only their individual work but how work flows through the entire organization.
  • Assign responsibility to departments and roles for easy identification and accountability.
  • Supplement the standard video listings by adding your own video links to custom videos you produce.
  • Upload your videos to Pinnacle cloud storage and provide access to people in other offices or even at home.
  • Supplement the training calendar by adding your own custom classes to the calendar, specifying to hold them online or in your classroom.
  •   Incorporate custom quizzes to assess people’s knowledge into the courses you create.
  •   Develop custom Learning Paths with courses designed to teach people your unique standards & procedures, software skills and to deliver any training topics across the entire enterprise
  • People can right click on Workflow, Cheat Sheet and Video resources to make suggestions to improve the content and content managers can easily review and make modifications to the referenced item.
Click below to see a detailed list of Pinnacle Series content that is available for each specific industry.