Cheat Sheets

Cheat Sheets are a great way to provide access to information in short, searchable bite-size pieces. Whether it’s answers to Frequently Asked Questions, tips & tricks to help people when they’re stuck, or an easy way to document and communicate standards, Cheat Sheets are pointed at getting people productive without having to bother someone else.

Key Features

  • Short “Cheat Sheets” present tips and tricks with links to the right software commands to make sure steps aren’t missed by occasional users or when performing infrequent tasks.
  • Included Autodesk software troubleshooting guides allow people help themselves when they get stuck.
  • Replace the post- it notes and reference sheets hanging on your cubicle wall with electronic, searchable instructions.
  • Create your own personal Cheat Sheets by documenting instructions and embedding links to execute software commands right inside the cheat sheet description.
  • Streamline access to other tools such as email, web pages, Sharepoint sites, spreadsheets, images, and documents and make your staff more efficient and productive.
  • No special IT or programming skills are necessary. Simply write the instructions as you would using a word processor and browse for files, web pages, programs and specific software commands to execute.
  • Promote individual’s personal Cheat Sheets so everyone can see the tips and tricks of your best users.
  • Share your organizational know-how on any topics, including other software, systems, procedures, etc. and provide a means for people to troubleshoot problems themselves.
  • Administrative tools allow you to control who has access to create and customize Cheat Sheets and to specify which users can see what content.
  • Reports on Resource Usage and Searched Terms are also available to understand how people are benefitting from Pinnacle Series.
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