Chat & Technical Support

Chat and Technical Support is included as a lifeline for people when they get stuck. Chatting internally between co-workers means people can talk to others in the company who have the best chance to answer their pressing questions or collaborate on a project. Expert help is also available through Chat, Email and Phone support.

Key Features

  • Use Chat with an Expert to get timely support from Eagle Point engineers, architects, designers and technicians.
  • Save Chat sessions to easily recall solutions provided by Eagle Point Experts.
  • Remote desktop assistance allows Eagle Point support staff to quickly troubleshoot problems by seeing your computer.
  • You can also call toll-free and speak directly with Eagle Point experts for all your Autodesk software questions.
  • Optionally, e-mail Eagle Point Support staff on less pressing topics.
  • Establish your own helpdesk escalation process by designating areas of expertise to certain individuals to help people find the right person to chat with. These same individuals appear in search results when their expertise is included in search terms.
  • Embedded content links can be included within chat text to let people quickly answer questions by pointing others to the right information.
  • Saved Chats appear to the entire organization, allowing people to recall previous conversations and benefit from solutions that others have discovered.
  • Peer Chat connects company co-workers so people can ask for help on any topic from software help to project information or anything else they might be stuck on.
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