User Administration

User Administration and permissions are key elements to a successful deployment. The robust toolset includes the ability to synchronize users from Microsoft Active Directory and enable Single Sign On so users don’t need to remember another password. Establish Role/User Permissions to ensure people have access to the proper tools and content.

Key Features

  • Easily add users into Pinnacle Series through Active Directory synchronization. Schedule automatic synchronization to occur to keep your user list up-to-date with people joining and leaving your organization.
  • Don’t make people have to remember yet another password. Enable Single Sign On and let them use their Windows (Active Directory) password to sign in.
  • Administrative tools allow you to control who has access to create and customize Workflows, Cheat Sheets, Videos and Training Classes, and to specify which users can see what content.
  • Establish your own helpdesk escalation process by designating areas of expertise to certain individuals to help people find the right person to chat with. These same individuals appear in search results when their expertise is included in search terms.
  • Administrative tools allow you to limit how many videos and classes users are allowed to view/attend in a month.
  • Review Live Usage by seeing currently signed in users.
  • Administrative tools allow you to control user access to Chat and Eagle Point Technical Support.
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