What is Pinnacle Series?

Connecting People to Answers

The Pinnacle Series is a productivity solution that helps organizations improve their learning methods and enhance information sharing. Multiple resources are combined into a single, concise interface so that people can easily overcome the everyday challenges they face using technology.

Not only does Pinnacle Series come pre-loaded with content focused on using Autodesk software better, it is a fully customizable platform to house your corporate information. All employees can access your best practices, standard operating procedures, training materials and other helpful information at their desk in the office, at home and even on their mobile devices.

Pinnacle Series integrates seamlessly with existing systems and can become your in-house trainer, corporate intranet and connects people to subject matter experts to collaborate on a project or to get an answer to a problem they can’t solve.


Watch this short overview video to learn how Pinnacle Series can help you become more productive with your software.



WorkflowsThe Workflows resource communicates your standard processes & procedures and provides direct access to the software commands, tools and documents people need to do their work.

Cheat Sheets

Cheat SheetsCheat Sheets provide quick tips & tricks and troubleshooting guides for when people get stuck.


How-to VideosShort How-to videos show people how to accomplish things using software features and commands. Live training classes are also recorded so people have the convenience to take a deeper dive into subjects and learn things 24/7 when it best fits their schedule.

Learning Paths

Live TrainingGuide people through “just-in-time” training to improve their skill sets. Learners access interactive written content, video lessons, attend live classes and take quizzes with this comprehensive set of Learning Management tools.

Chat & Technical Support

Chat & Technical SupportTechnical Support for Autodesk products is included to provide fast access to degreed engineers, architects and technicians when self-help has turned up empty. People can also connect to your subject matter experts to collaborate on a project or to get an answer to a problem they can’t solve.

Mobile App

Mobile AppsWhile away from your desk, the Pinnacle Series Mobile App is perfect for at-home use, “second-screen” viewing while in a meeting, or on-the-go for the mobile worker.

Custom Content

Custom ContentGrow your corporate knowledge base with the ability to save your own Workflows, Cheat Sheets, Videos and Chat conversations. Empower people to contribute their knowledge and offer improvement ideas using the Make Suggestion feature.

Platform Architecture

Platform ArchitectureIn addition to coming pre-loaded with Autodesk content, Pinnacle Series is architected to train and keep people productive on virtually any technology in the enterprise. All employees can leverage it to access company-specific content for on-boarding and executing project collaboration/delivery processes, procurement processes or any back office processes. Access to Chat means people can collaborate or ask for help from any of their co-workers, even in other offices.

Powerful, Trusted Search

SearchAll content is wrapped up in a robust search engine that not only includes our trusted sources of information but can be configured to extend searches into your own knowledge repositories like SharePoint and company Intranets.

History & Favorites

History & FavoritesPeople can save and organize quick links to any of the resources utilizing their own personal Favorites tab. Individual User History lets people quickly recall resources they accessed today, yesterday, last week and even last month.

User Administration

User AdministrationUser administration is conveniently handled through synchronization with your Microsoft Active Directory. Roles and Permissions can be set to control who has access to create and customize content and to specify which users can see what content.


ReportingGain insight into overall usage and understand user engagement.

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