What's New in Pinnacle Series

Version 16.1.0

 Main Pinnacle

·         Popup Video Window. This new video player is opened when a link to a video is clicked from another resource. For example, if a Process contains a tool link to a Video, the new window will open to play the video. Previously, you would be taken to the Videos resource to play the video, causing users to possibly lose their place in the resource they are actually using.

o   A new setting, “Play Video Links in separate window”, has been added to the Preferences box. The default is to use the separate popup window

·         Video Player. The following changes have been made to the Video Player.

o   The Video description is now shown in the player.

o   Video Bookmarks are now shown in the player if they have been created by the author of the Video.

§  Clicking a Video Bookmark will automatically advance the video to the marked position

§  As a video plays and advances past a marked position, the correct bookmark is automatically selected.

o   A new Options button has been added to the Video Player allowing the user to:

§  Add the Video to Favorites

§  Make a Suggestion

§  Copy the Video Link to Clipboard (either with the current position marked or from the beginning)

§  Adjust the Playback Speed

§  Show/Hide the Video description

o   Pressing the Spacebar while a video is playing will now toggle between Playing and Pausing the video.

o   Playback Speed is now remembered between Videos

·         Autodesk 2018 product support (requires reinstallation of Pinnacle Series). This release brings the ability to interact with the following Autodesk products:

o   AutoCAD 2018

o   Civil 3D 2018

o   Revit 2018

o   Navisworks 2018

o   Map 3D 2018

·         A bug has been fixed that in some cases caused Pinnacle Series to crash if it was launched for the first time from an email link to a Learning Path or Course.

·         In various places, the Email Content Shortcut menu option (which created and attached a .tnl file) has been replaced with the Email Link option. This new Email Link option will open the default email client and create a hyperlink to the selected content.

·         My Cheat Sheets. The user no longer needs to have the My Cheat Sheets folder selected in order to add a new Cheat Sheet or Folder. The system will automatically place it under the My Cheat Sheets folder if the current folder selection does not fall under it.

·         Learning Path and Videos. When a user attempts to watch a Video (located by Searching or browsing the Videos Resource) that is a part of a Course they are currently enrolled in, they will now be given the option to watch the Video in the Course Viewer.



Manage Content

·         Configure Content Templates. This option found in the Tools menu is now also available for Videos. It enables you to establish templates that can be used when creating new Videos. Upload a .doc or .docx file that has Styles and any predefined text you want to appear when you add new content to Pinnacle Series.

·         New/Modify Video. The Description now supports formatted text and the use of Tools.

·         Modify Video. A new Bookmarks button is available to allow for creating topic markers within a Video. When these Bookmarks exist, they will be displayed to the user while watching the Video to allow them to easily see and navigate to the position of each topic in a video.

·         New/Modify Tool. Added the ability to create a tool link directly to a Bookmark location in a Video. When browsing and selecting a video that contains Bookmarks, the user is given the option to create the link to the beginning of the video or directly to one of the Bookmarks.

·         Videos Tab. The Video description is now fully displayed.




·         MSI installer. A new installer option has been added in order to set the default grouping for Search Results. This is useful for organizations that create an abundance of their own content and want to encourage users to view those results first.

o   The new DEFAULTSEARCHGROUP option can be set to the following: AllContent, CustomFirst, PublicFirst, ProductVersion or Resource. The default value is AllContent.



Version 15.3.0


Main Pinnacle

·         Search. With a shift to Natural Language Processing, the search engine in Pinnacle now returns better results based on your intent, not just the literal words you search on.

o   Search now uses less restrictive ‘or’ querying and removes irrelevant words & characters.

o   Plurality is automatically considered, meaning that searching for ‘walls’ will find ‘wall’ without the need for additional keywords/tags.

o   Search now understands compound and inflected word forms, meaning, for example, a search for ‘breaking’ will also return results for ‘break’ and ‘broke’.

o   Alternative English (United Kingdom) spelling is also accounted for (i.e. searching for ‘colour’ will find ‘color’ and vice versa).

·         Copy Link to Clipboard now resolves to a hyperlink when pasted. Clicking this link in an email, document or on a webpage will resolve the link and select the specified content (loading Pinnacle Series if necessary). When the link is clicked, your browser and/or email client may prompt you asking permission to open this link using Pinnacle Series. You can approve the link behavior to always open Pinnacle Series when clicked.

·         Learning Path -> Enroll Users. A Send Email button has been added to this dialog box to enable you to send reminder emails to course enrollees. After clicking the appropriate Course, select the people who you want to send a reminder and click the Send Email button. An email will be created with the enrollment information and can be edited before sending.

·         Learning Path Enrollment Email Notification. Links to the enrollments are now embedded hyperlinks instead of attachments within the body text of the email. Recipients of this type of email must be on version 15.3.0 or greater in order for link to work.

o   Additionally, when enrolling users into an entire Learning Path, the included email link will take people to the first Course of the Learning Path in their enrollments listing when clicked.

·         Right-click menu options on Search Results. Common right-click mouse button menu options have been added. Options allow you to select a specific result and:

o   Add to Favorites

o   Make a Suggestion

o   Email Pinnacle Content as a Shortcut attachment

o   Save Pinnacle Content Shortcut

o   Copy Link to Clipboard (resolves to a hyperlink when pasted)

o   Copy Search Link to Clipboard. Available on the Search Results listing only, this option defines syntax to execute a Pinnacle Series search outside of the application using the current search terms. This syntax can be used to start a search with keywords from a link on a webpage.

·         Search Results. An indication of what filters are being used for a search is now displayed above the results list. You can also access the Search Filter settings using the Change option.

·         Learning Path Reports. A new report called “Learning Path Progress” has been added. You can use this report to identify user progress through a Learning Path. This report indicates the number of users who have some Learning Path Course status update(s) and/or Course Due Dates during the specified period. Progress is shown for the entire learning path, not just completed courses. In addition, the Raw Data includes course viewing time information and quiz scores.

·         Learning Path Reports. A new report called “Courses Due” has been added. You can use this report to identify user progress on assigned Courses. User progress is only shown for Courses that have a Due Date occurring during the specified period.  In addition, the Raw Data includes course viewing time information and quiz scores.


Manage Content

·         Configure Content Templates. This new option found in the Tools menu enables you to establish templates that can be used when created new content objects (Workflows, Cheat Sheets, Courses, etc.). Upload a .doc or .docx file that has Styles and any predefined text you want to appear when you add new content to Pinnacle Series. You can configure multiple templates to be used for any type of content you add. If more than one template exists for a type of content, you will be prompted to select the template to use when using the “New” commands in the various resources.

·         New/Modify Content. The Description toolbar now includes a Styles Gallery to allow you to use predefined styles from a template. This listing is populated based on the templates you specify using the Configure Content Templates command.

o   The Import Styles button has also been added to add new and/or overwrite style definitions by selecting a Content Template. New styles will be imported and placed into the Style Gallery while any existing styles that share the same name as the imported styles will be updated.

·         New/Modify Content. Access to the Advanced Editor features has been simplified. The Advanced Editor has been removed and the additional tools can now be found within the Description toolbar. Tools added include:

o   Hyperlink button. This button allows you to create hyperlinks on text. This removes the need to create a Tool in order to have a URL hyperlink. You can also access this command using the right-click menu.

o   Undo/Redo buttons

o   Cut, Copy, Paste and Paste Special

o   Additional Formatting buttons for justification, highlighting and shading. When selecting text, the right click menu contains the Font command to access additional options for formatting text (superscript, subscript, etc.)

o   Insert Table and other table tools. When selecting table cells, the right click menu contains additional options for inserting, merging/splitting and formatting cells.

·         Drag and Drop behavior. When dragging items in any of the resource trees to a folder that is out of view, the tree now scrolls when you drag near the top or bottom of the listing.


Administrator Utility

·         MSI installer. The installation mechanism for Pinnacle Series has been changed to utilize Microsoft Windows Installer (MSI) packages. Refer to the Installation Guide for details on available installation configuration settings/switches.

·         Live Usage Tab. This tab has been renamed to “Updates & Usage” and includes additional capabilities to allow the Pinnacle Series application to automatically update when new versions are released. Use the “Manage Updates” button on this tab to access Administrative controls for this feature. By default, end user workstations will automatically update to the latest version of Pinnacle Series without the need to perform a software installation. Once installed, the application will check if an update is available and apply the new version without any administrative or user intervention. Users must have Write/Modify rights to the application folder (\Program Files (x86)\Pinnacle Series) in order to receive the updates. Administratively, you can choose to delay the automatic updating until you have validated the version in testing environments. Additionally, you can corporately disable the automatic updating from occurring on users’ workstations on this dialog box. For more information, refer to the Installation Guide.

·         Live Usage Tab. The “Download Installation Package” option has been added to allow Administrators to download the latest MSI package of the software as a means to selectively deploy the latest release as an alternative to Automatic Updates. This is especially useful if you need to test the latest release prior to approving a version for mass updating.

·         The Live Usage user listing now indicates the version of Pinnacle Series that users are running.

Version 15.2.2

Main Pinnacle

·         Learning Paths Course Certificates. The United Kingdom CPD (Continuing Professional Development) Certification Service has accredited the public Autodesk course materials included in Pinnacle Series. Users in the United Kingdom will now have the CPD logo appear on their completed course certificates. This logo appears if your Windows Region Settings are set to “English (United Kingdom)” format.

·         Pinnacle shortcut files (.tnl) files that have the extension in capital letters now launch properly.

·         Issues with some machines running at 125% DPI display settings cropping images in the Snapshot Viewer have been resolved.

Manage Content

·         Learning Paths Resource. The Start from Public Learning Paths options have been added. Use these new commands from the New button, right-click menu or main to make a copy of public learning paths as the basis for your own custom learning paths. Additionally, you can use individual Courses from Public Learning Paths in your own custom Learning Paths.

·         New/Modify Content. The Spell Checker now includes a British dictionary as the default when your Windows Region Settings are set to “English (United Kingdom)” format.

·         New/Modify Content -> Insert Tool. Tool Links with multiple underscore (_) characters in their name now work properly.

View Reports

·         When the report dashboard indicates there is no data, clicking “Report Details” no longer results in a divide by zero error.

Administrator Utility

·         Synchronize with Active Directory. The Auto Sync feature has been updated to adhere to the ‘Don’t use Single Sign On’ toggle for individual users.

·         Restrict Peer Chat with Internal Experts Only. Setting this option on in the Administrator Utility now causes the Chat with Peer option to display the proper user listing.

Version 15.2.1

Main Pinnacle

        Learning Paths Video playing. When viewing Video Course Content, you can now right mouse click in the video player area while the video is playing to display a menu to change the video playback speed.

Manage Content

        New/Modify Content -> New/Modify Tool. Browsing for Pinnacle Content links has been sped up and will now contain items recently added in the same session. The window has also been changed to tabs for easier navigation across resources.

        Using the Screen Snapshot tool with 3 monitors now allows you to select from any of the 3 screens.

        Large Videos now upload faster and don’t cause Pinnacle Series to freeze.

        Set Public Content Visibility. A problem was resolved when using the Visibility by Role option where some folders were still displayed for users in a role.

View Reports

        A problem was resolved when filtering reports by Role. The first role selected to filter on no longer returns empty results.

Administrator Utility

        The main window default size has been shrunk to fit on screen with 768 vertical resolution.

Version 15.2.0

 Enhancements include

·         New Learning Paths resource

·         Enhanced Reporting dashboard

·         Autodesk 2017 content

·         New Quizzes resource

·         Custom header images

·         Full screen video player

·         Import Cheat Sheets from other documents

·         Content branding

·         Bug fixes


Main Pinnacle

·         Learning Paths. A New Resource has been added called Learning Paths. This resource provides users an opportunity to learn topics through structured training courses. Learners access interactive written content (Workflows and Cheat Sheets), Video lessons, attend Live Classes and take Quizzes with this comprehensive set of Learning Management tools. In addition to the supplied Public Learning Paths, custom Learning Paths can walk people through courses unique to your organization.


o   Users can self-enroll in a Learning Path/Course using the Enroll button above the Enrollments listing. The Review Transcript button allows you to review/print the transcript of courses you have taken and to print/save certificates of completion.

o   Additionally, Managers have access to the Enroll Users and View Learning Path Report features. These can be used to assign multiple users a Learning Path or Course to complete and to review progress on individual learners. Reports include; Current Enrollments Progress, Completed Courses, Top Learners and Learning Time. Permission to these features is controlled through the Administrator Utility.

o   With the addition of Learning Paths, the Training Resource calendar has been removed from the main interface. Live Training Classes can still be scheduled within Manage Content but are now defined and accessed from within Courses.

·         Included Learning Paths. Public learning paths for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced skill sets are available for the following Autodesk products/topics:

o   AutoCAD Fundamentals

o   Civil 3D Fundamentals

o   Civil 3D CAD Management

o   Civil 3D Modeling In-Depth

o   Advanced Civil 3D

o   Revit Architecture Fundamentals

o   Revit MEP Fundamentals

o   Revit Structure Fundamentals

o   BIM Management

o   Revit Modeling In-Depth

o   Revit Fabrication Models

o   Revit Family Creation

o   Navisworks Fundamentals

o   Navisworks Simulation and Quantification

·         View Reports. This command has been updated with a new dashboard view, additional/updated reports and the ability to export raw data. There are a number of reports included to help gain insight into overall usage and understand user engagement and identify areas where improvements could be made.

o   The Dashboard view displays chart summaries for the various Included Reports. Data from every user is included in these high level views. Set the Period for which you want to review the data and set the X-scale to influence the way that “line” charts appear.

o   The Report Details link at the bottom of every chart displays additional details about the specific report Chart you selected. In addition to the Chart graphic, tabular information is shown on the Reports tab. You can also access, review and export the data behind the report by selecting the Raw Data tab. The Raw Data tab also allows for additional filtering, sorting and grouping of information.

o   You can now filter the Report Details by specifying specific Users or Roles.


o   The Unique User Sign-Ins report now includes a column in the Raw Data that indicates the version of Pinnacle Series the user signed in with.

o   The Unique Active Users report has been added to indicate who has accessed or searched content during the specified period. Users are denoted as “active” if they select content, chat, access technical support or search.

o   The Resource Access/Use report has been updated to include information when someone Chats with a Peer, or contacts Technical Support via Chat, Email or Phone.

o   The Top Content Contributors report has been added to indicate the top users who have added/modified content.

o   The Number of Registered Users report has been added to indicate the total number of users that have been entered into the system.

·         Autodesk 2017 Content Update. Workflow, Cheat Sheet and Video Content for 2017 versions of the following products is now available

o   AutoCAD 2017

o   Civil 3D 2017

o   Revit 2017

o   Navisworks 2017

o   Map 3D 2017

·         Custom header images can now be displayed for custom content. Content Managers can use the “Configure Content Branding Image command to establish the image that will appear at the top of Workflow and Cheat Sheet descriptions. This helps people identify custom content more easily.

·         Video Player full screen mode. Clicking the Full Screen button in the lower right corner of the Video Resource now displays the currently playing video entirely full screen. To leave Full screen mode use the Escape key or the Exit Full Screen Mode button in the video player.

·         My Cheat Sheets. A new option can be found in the New button dropdown to Import Cheat Sheets from Documents. This command provides options to automatically create Cheat Sheets by selecting documents (.doc and .docx files) and having the contents of those documents imported into Cheat Sheet descriptions. Browse and select one or more files or Browse to select an entire folder of documents. The document file name will be used as the Cheat Sheet name and the contents of each document will be imported as the description.


Manage Content

·         Learning Paths. This new resource allows you to create custom Learning Paths and Courses that contain references to existing Pinnacle Series Content. While selecting a Course in the Tree, use the Add Content button to re-use content already contained in Pinnacle Series as the basis for your course topics.

·         Quizzes Resource. This new resource is used to create your own custom quizzes to be utilized in your custom Learning Path Courses. Start by Copying Existing Questions or develop your own from scratch. Available question types include; True/False, Multiple Choice – Single Answer, Multiple Choice – Multiple Answer and Fill-in Text. Questions can also optionally contain images to help convey the question.

·         Configure Content Branding Image. Use this command from the Tools menu to configure Pinnacle Series to display your own custom “Branding” image in the header area of Workflow and Cheat Sheet descriptions. Toggle on “Display Branding Image in Description Field Header” and Browse for your desired image. When viewing custom content, this image will appear at the top of every description field.

·         Import Cheat Sheets from Documents. This command has been added to automatically create Cheat Sheets by selecting documents (.doc and .docx files) and having the contents of those documents imported into Cheat Sheet descriptions. Select the folder you want the Cheat Sheets created in and select the Import Cheat Sheets from Documents command from the New menu. Browse and select one or more files or Browse to select an entire folder of documents. The document file name will be used as the Cheat Sheet name and the contents of each document will be imported as the description.

·         An issue was fixed in the Snapshot tool to prevent images from “double” up-scaling when using a screen resolution with 125% DPI set.


Administrator Utility

·         The Reports Tab has been renamed to Live Usage. The reports previously accessed here can now be found in the View Reports command found in the Options menu. This tab still displays a snapshot of the users currently signed into Pinnacle Series.

Version 15.1.0




·         User Interface. The user interface has been “refreshed” with modern icons and has two color themes to change its look. Click the User Name dropdown to select either the “Light” or “Dark” theme.

·         User Interface Viewing Modes. You can now specify various layout options for viewing and interacting with Pinnacle Resources. Clicking your name displays the Viewing Mode layout options in the drop menu to control the size of Pinnacle and the way in which information is displayed.



Use “Search Mode” to minimize the screen footprint that Pinnacle uses. This mode displays just the Search bar and expands when search results are displayed. Clearing search results returns Pinnacle to the minimized Search mode size. “Compact Mode” displays resources in “classic” mode with stacked tree/description fields. “Expanded Mode” allows you to view more of the content by adopting a side-by-side view of the various trees and description fields. In addition to setting the mode through the specific menu choices and the minimize/maximize buttons, Pinnacle reacts to dragging the window size larger and smaller and automatically enters the appropriate mode.




You can also control how description fields appear using the options in the Name drop menu.



When set to “Description and Tools”, Workflow and Cheat Sheet descriptions are shown with the listing of tools underneath the description field. Set to “Description Only”, the tool links will only be shown within the description text. The “Tools Only” setting removes the Description field entirely and summarizes the available tools into a list.

·         User Interface. The History Resource has moved to the Favorites Resource as a sub-tab.

·         Workflow and Cheat Sheet Description. You can now resize the text within description fields for easier reading. The Zoom percentage displays in the lower right corner of the description field and allows you to control how big or small description text appears. Mouse over the percentage to display the Zoom factor slider and set the appropriate zoom percentage. Alternatively, you can use a combination of holding down the CTRL key and use your mouse wheel to zoom in or out. Once set in one resource, this setting is applied to all areas.



·         Workflow and Cheat Sheet Description. When you click on an embedded image or tool link to an image, the Snapshot box opens to display the image for better viewing.

·         Workflow Diagrams. The flow chart diagram has been removed from the separate Diagram tab and now displays automatically when you enter into “Expanded Mode”. Additionally, new navigation options are available by interacting with the Diagram View. When viewing Tasks in the Process Diagram, the “Steps” indicator can be clicked on to select the appropriate Step description to display below. Also, clicking on the arrows in the diagram will move your selection to the connected item. Double-clicking on a Process item in the diagram will also navigate “down” to the Task level details.


·         Print/Save Workflow and Cheat Sheets. A new option has been added to the right mouse button click menu to allow you to Print or Save Custom Workflow or Cheat Sheet information. Select a Workflow item branch and right-click to access the “Print/Save” command. Workflows can be printed from any level with all sub-item information included (i.e. selecting to Print/Save a Process will include all tasks and steps below it). Once the Print Preview box displays, choose the Print option to print directly to your printer or choose Save to write the information to a .docx file or .pdf file. Likewise, this option exists for Cheat Sheets as well. You can also choose a folder of Cheat Sheets and produce a printout or file containing all of the cheat sheets items that are directly contained within that folder. When saving to a file, links to application commands and to other Pinnacle content will be removed. Any links to files, webpages or other applications will be retained in the save document. File links to items uploaded to Pinnacle Storage will revert to their “local path” from where they were uploaded.

·         Peer Chat. New options exist to allow you to filter the list of users you can chat with. Choose the “By Role” option and select a Role from the dropdown to display only the users who are in the specified role. Likewise, set the option to “By Expertise” and select the Expertise to reduce the list of users to only those who have the specified expertise declared.




·         A problem was fixed that occurred for some users where selecting content that contained an embedded image would crash the software.

·         Displaying the Snapshot dialog box while Pinnacle Series was full screen would not allow you to select the Close button because it was behind the main application. The Snapshot dialog now always appears in front.

·         Users with restricted Windows rights can now use Pinnacle shortcut files.


Manage Content


·         New/Modify Content. Embedded images can now be edited using the Snapshot tool. Double click on an inserted image (or use right mouse button click “Edit Image in Snapshot Tool”) to mark up an image. Once the Snapshot dialog box appears, use the annotation tools to place text or other annotation objects. Use the Save and Insert button to return to the description editing window.

·         New/Modify Content. You can now click on an image in the Description field (or in the Advanced Editor) to display “resizing grips”. Drag a corner grip to uniformly scale the image and retain the aspect ratio. Use a side grip to scale in one direction.

·         New/Modify Content. A reminder to Save your changes has been added to warn you that changes were made that were not yet saved. This appears if you Cancel/Close the New/Modify dialog box or when closing Pinnacle Series.

·         Embedding Images. A problem was resolved with embedding images into a Workflow items that had a similar name to another workflow item. A check is performed to ensure that a newly inserted image won’t overwrite the image that already exists in a similarly named workflow item.

·         Assign Product and Version to content. A new option had been added to the right mouse button click of a folder to assign product/version information recursively to all items in the selected folder. This allows you to set additionally product/version information to what is already assigned or to overwrite the existing assignment(s).

·         Tool Menu – Search/Replace. This command has been updated to properly handle replacing file paths.


Administrator Utility


·         Users Tab – Email Option. When sending User Password Information emails with Single Sign On enabled, the default Pinnacle password is no longer sent. Users are instructed to enter their Windows password on sign in.

·         A new Installation option is available for client deployments/setups to globally set the “Prompt ‘Are you sure?’ on Exit” preference for users. Set the “PromptOnExit” variable to ‘true’ in the PS_Config.ini file (where your client setup routine is located). See the Installation Guide for more details.

Version 14.4.0




·         Search has been updated and now includes additional filters and grouping options to find better, more targeted results. Choose Products and Versions on the Filter dropdown to narrow the search and the new “Group By” option to categorize the results by Custom Content, Public Content, Resource or Product. Additionally, the Search Results list now highlights the searched keyword terms within the result descriptions to help you quickly identify the best result suited for your search.  The More button in the listing displays the entire description to also help identify the best result and to take action on any included links without having to go to the Resource.

·         Video times are now listed in Search Results.

·         Embedded images no longer display the tool link name making it easier to have images in the middle of text.

·         Password encryption methods have been strengthened by utilizing 256-bit AES Encryption.


Manage Content


·         New/Modify Content. The Description field has been updated to support additional formatting options when copying and pasting from Microsoft Word documents. Pasting text from documents that include multi-level lists, tables, inline images and other advanced formatting is retained.

·         New/Modify Content. A new button has been added to the tool bar that allows you to perform additional formatting for your descriptions. Use the “Advanced” button to open the Advanced Editor and access additional formatting tools. The Advanced Editor has addition font formatting tools (highlighter, strike-through, sub/super script, etc.), line spacing, justification, floating text boxes and inserting/manipulating tables.

·         New/Modify Content. Inserting an image into the description no longer creates the tool link name as a caption embedded in the text. This allows for images to be inserted in the middle of a sentence.

·         New/Modify Tool. Changing a Tool Name now updates the references inserted within the description text.


Administrator Utility


·         Individual Users can now be excluded from the Active Directory Synchronization process. On the New/Modify User dialog box, toggle on “Exclude user from Active Directory Sync” to have that user remain unchanged in the user listing. This is useful for maintaining users in the list when they don’t exist within your specific AD groups you synchronize.

·         Individual Users can now be excluded from using the Single Sign On feature even if it is enabled for the entire organization. These users must supply a Pinnacle Series password in place of their Windows (Active Directory) password.

·         A new option has been added to the Password Settings dialog box that allows organizations who run in a hybrid exchange environment to specify both an on-premises Exchange URL and to secondarily perform an Autodiscover. This alternate SSO method should be used when some of your users have migrated to Office 365 email while others use an on-premises deployment of Exchange.

·         A new option has been added to the Password Settings dialog box that allows an Administrator to disable the use of the “Forgot Your Password” option.

·         A new option has been added to the Expertise Tab to allow individual users to declare themselves experts in certain subject matter. Toggling this option on enables the “Declare Expertise” button in Preferences. Users can use the Preferences > Declare Expertise button to check on/off any expertise they possess. The listing of Expertise is still managed in the Administrator Utility.

·         New Installation capabilities have been added to allow the Administrator to set the default state of the “Always on Top” toggle for users. Refer to the Installation Guide for more details.

·         A change was made to prevent the prompt to change your password from appearing twice during the Sign In process.

Version 14.3.0




·         Sign In Screen. The Industry droplist has been removed. Content is no longer associated with individual industries. Public content is accessed based on the subscription you have licensed. If you previously have subscribed to the Architecture, Structure or MEP Industries, you now have access to all three within the “Building Design” subscription. Any custom content you have defined within specific industries will now be visible to all users. To limit the content seen, use the Folder Visibility restriction options found on the “Modify Folder” command from within Manage Content.

·         Sign In Speed. The time it takes Pinnacle Series to load has been dramatically decreased. Other performance enhancements will be found when saving content in the Manage Content interface.

·         Content Folders. Existing Pinnacle Series customers will notice a change to the folder structure within Workflows, Cheat Sheets and Videos. In place of the Eagle Point folder, there is now a “Public” folder with and additional folders (i.e. “Building Design” or “Civil Infrastructure”) that organize content by industry/discipline.

·         A new option called “Display Images in Descriptions” has been added to Preferences to allow you to see images embedded within content descriptions or only as a link. When toggled on, this option works in conjunction with content you create that contains images. Images are scaled according to the current size of the description window. Making the window larger will increase the size of the image until the image is 100% of its original size. By default this option is turned on to display images within the text descriptions.

·         Chat. The “Snapshot” button has been added to the Chat toolbar to allow you to capture a part of the screen and share it through a link in a Chat conversation.  This image displays as a thumbnail within the conversation and can be used to troubleshoot or to collaborate on a project. You can capture a rectangular area of the screen using the “Select Area” option or your entire desktop using the “Full Screen” option. Once selected, the “Screen Snapshot” dialog box displays to allow you to further annotate the image. Add Text and Shapes using the tools on the toolbar. You can move and delete annotation objects after they are placed. Use the “Save and Insert” button to place a link into the Chat text window where your cursor is positioned. The image is automatically saved to Pinnacle Cloud Storage and remains there if you save the Chat Conversation.

·         Access to over 350 Microsoft Office 365/Office 2013 videos is now available. Access Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced topics using the video links contained in the Cheat Sheets Resource.


Manage Content


·         New/Modify Content. You can now paste images into the description area when adding new content. Turn the “Display Images in Descriptions” toggle on in the Preferences dialog box to see the images rendered within the text. After pasting the image into the description field and adding the text information, click the OK button to save the content. You will be prompted to Save the image either to Pinnacle Cloud Storage or you own location within your network infrastructure. Once saved, a new File Tool Link will be added to the tool listing and the image link will be inserted into the description area.

·         New/Modify Content. The “Snapshot” button has been added to the Description toolbar to allow you to capture a part of the screen and display within your description text. You can capture a rectangular area of the screen using the “Select Area” option or your entire desktop using the “Full Screen” option. Once selected, the “Screen Snapshot” dialog box displays to allow you to further annotate the image. Add Text and Shapes using the tools on the toolbar. You can move and delete annotation objects after they are placed. Use the “Save and Insert” button to place the capture into your description where your cursor is positioned. Saving the image into the description works similarly to pasting an image as described above.

·         Custom Training Classes. The Training Resource has been added to the Manage Content interface as a way for you to add your own custom training classes to the Pinnacle Training Calendar. Add a Class to the folder structure using the “New Class” command and define the Name, Products, Keywords and Description for your class. To schedule a class for a certain date/time, use the “New Session” button below the calendar view. Select the Class, Date, Time, Web URL (for online classes) and the location where the class is being held. Sessions you add here, appear as purple sessions on the main Training Resource.

·         Set Public Content Visibility. This command has been updated so that you now can control what Public (stock) content can be seen by individual users. Use the checkmark toggle to show/hide content for your entire organization. Alternatively, use the “Set Visibility by Role” button to establish specific visibility by role or individual users.


Administrator Utility


·         As an option, your organization can now choose to configure Pinnacle Series to utilize Single Sign On (SS0) technology. This eliminates the need to remember a separate password when signing into Pinnacle Series whether people are in the office, at home or on a mobile device. Users simply supply their Windows (Active Directory) password when signing into the Pinnacle Series applications. For more information, refer to the Installation Guide or the Password Security section in the xxx (link) document.

·         Sync with Active Directory. Changes have been made to accommodate Active Directory groups with circular references (nested groups that contain themselves).

Version 14.1.0


All Industries


·         Workflows, Cheat Sheets, Videos and Training Classes have all been updated to support the 2015 releases of Autodesk products




·         A change was made to ensure an Image Tooltip appears in the proper screen location when hovering over a tool link to an image file.


Manage Content


·         When adding a Tool to Workflow, Process, Task, Steps and Cheats, a new option has been added to upload your file to Pinnacle Cloud Storage. This enables access to linked files you want to make available to your users when they are not attached to your network (such as when someone is at home or accessing Pinnacle on a mobile device). Browse for the file you want to make available. Then, toggle on the ‘Use Pinnacle Storage’ option on the New/Modify Tool dialog box to enable the Upload button. Use the Upload button to copy the file to Storage. If the source file is updated within your local/network drive in the future, simply use the Upload button to copy the newer version to Pinnacle Cloud Storage.

·         When adding a Custom Video into the Videos Resource, a new option has been added to upload your video to Pinnacle Cloud Storage. This enables access to videos you want to make available to your users when they are not attached to your network (such as when someone is at home or accessing Pinnacle on a mobile device). Browse for the video you want to make available. Then, toggle on the ‘Use Pinnacle Storage’ option on the New/Modify Video dialog box to enable the Upload button. Use the Upload button to copy the video to Storage. If the source video is updated within your local/network drive in the future, simply use the Upload button to copy the newer version to Pinnacle Cloud Storage.

·         When adding custom Workflows, Cheat Sheets or Videos, the Industry checklist retains the last items toggled on.


Administrator Utility


·         Sync with Active Directory. A problem populating the Groups droplist has been resolved. Within some Active Directories (those that contain many thousands of Groups defined), the Groups droplist would not include all of the defined domain groups.

·         A new report called “User Sign In” has been added. This report returns the detailed information for which users signed into Pinnacle during a certain time period and includes the number of licenses currently in use at the time of sign in.

Version 13.3.0


All Industries


·         New Workflows, Cheat Sheets and How-to videos have been added for Bluebeam Revu. This content is included in all Industries.

·         Over 50 new Cheat Sheets have been added to offer tips and tricks and troubleshooting for general IT (Information Technology) questions.


Architecture, MEP and Structural Industries


·         40 new Revit 2014 Cheat Sheets have been created and are available in the Architecture, MEP and Structural industries.




·         The Search capability has a new option to enable Pinnacle Series to pass search criteria to another source such as your company Intranet, Sharepoint site, etc. By configuring this option, an additional entry will appear at the top of your Search Results for you to open. This enables your search to find possible answers not only within Pinnacle, but within additional sources of information. Turn on this capability by using the "Configure Extended Search" command found in the Tools menu within the Manage Content interface.

·         Pasting a link to Pinnacle Content into the Chat edit field no longer deletes the text you may have already typed.


Manage Content


·         New/Modify content. Selecting words that had both formatted and unformatted text (bold, italics, etc.) and applying different formatting no longer causes the program to terminate.

·          Modifying a Folder Description now retains the changed text.

·         The Manage Content interface no longer “sinks” behind other windows after selecting “OK” on New/Modify dialog boxes.


Administrator Utility


·         The Email Password functionality on the Users tab, now includes the ability to enter additional text into the email body (inserted above the login information).  This enables Administrators to include a brief introduction of Pinnacle Series to users and/or include the location of the installation routine.