Pinnacle Series simplifies workflow deployment and technology training for AEC firms.


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"I'm really really glad I went with Eagle Point and got Pinnacle. I questioned it in the beginning and wasn't sure what value it would bring. It really is good! IT'S WORTH IT!!!"

Jennifer Trice
Trice, PC

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Pinnacle Series™ for General Design

Pinnacle Series for Civil Engineering

Pinnacle Series is a revolutionary way of delivering multiple implementation, training and support resources in a single, concise interface.  From standard AutoCAD workflows, cheat sheets and video lessons to unlimited on-line training & technical support, the content contained within Pinnacle Series ensures your people use Autodesk software the way it was intended.

Key Benefits

Pinnacle Series helps you get the most out of your AutoCAD and other software investments by providing the following benefits:

  • Roll out new releases faster and recognize your subscription investment immediately by guiding users through the execution of new workflows, helping them complete tasks in the right order and access the latest features.
  • On-line Micro-classes replace multi-day classroom training, allowing you to take just the right amount of training, just when you need it while working on projects.
  • Get new people productive and billable quickly by having documented processes with the instructions tied directly to the AutoCAD tools needed to complete the work.
  • “How to” Videos enable a "just-in-time" learning environment, increasing your proficiency by showing you the right options, settings and buttons to click.
  • Cheat Sheets cut the time people spend re-familiarizing themselves on infrequent tasks with your organization’s unique tips, tricks and secrets.
  • People can ask for help from their peers, internal helpdesk or from Eagle Point experts using built-in chat.

For a complete list of available resources and features, visit Pinnacle Series Features.