On-line Training Resource - Free AutoCAD Civil 3D Classes Outline

Below is the list of AutoCAD Civil 3D 2014 training classes offered in Pinnacle Series for which you can register. Please note, you may register for as many of the classes as you wish, but each class requires a separate registration. Scroll down to see even more classes you can access.

Infraworks Overview: 01/14/14 at 10:00 AM CT
This class presents a high-level demonstration of the capabilities of Autodesk Infraworks. We'll lay out the situations when you should and should not use Infraworks. Also we'll go through the most common workflow in Infraworks, such as importing data, creating design features, and creating presentation materials. This class is a fast-paced session that is intended to highlight the capabilities of Infraworks.

How to Create and Modify Styles: 01/15/14 at 10:00 AM CT
Training on how to customize your styles by either creating new ones or modifying current styles. This class will start at the basics of what can be modified and how to modify styles, and then dive deeper into some more advanced styles. The styles will range from point styles to alignments to profile view styles to give a large range of application. After seeing the styles for several objects, you'll find that many of the same settings can be changed in the same way for different objects. This class is crucial for all Civil 3D users that haven't mastered styles, yet.

Grading Groups: 01/16/14 at 10:00 AM CT
Training on grading a site in Civil 3D. This class will teach you how to use feature lines and grading groups to create a proposed surface. An in-depth look at grading groups is extremely helpful when designing or creating a grading plan. The proposed surface will be created automatically and we will demonstrate how that surface is dynamically linked to the grading group.

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Overview Classes

What's New in AutoCAD Civil 3D 2014
Civil 3D Capabilities Overview
Civil 3D User Interface Introduction
How Civil 3D Styles Function
How to Create and Modify Styles
Recommendations for Styles and Template Organization
Data Shortcuts

Survey Classes

Import Survey Data
Working with and without the Survey Database
Working with Points
Creating and Editing Surfaces
How to Create Civil 3D Parcels
Point Clouds

Grading Classes

Feature Lines
Grading Groups
Detention Pond and Parking Lot Workflows

Corridors Classes

How to Create and Edit Alignments
How to Create and Edit Profiles
How to Use and Create Assemblies
How to Create and Modify Corridors
Roadway Design Workflow
Techniques to Create Advanced Corridors
How to Edit Sections
How to Calculate Corridor Volumes
Controlling Corridor and Section Display
Rural Road Example
Right of Way Constraints
How to Handle Driveways
Corridors Are Not Just For Roads (Rail and Utilities)

Pipe Networks Classes

How to Lay out a Pipe Network
How to Control Pipe Network Styles/Parts
How to Use and Modify Pressure Networks

Plan Production Classes

How to Create Plan and Profile Sheets
How to Create Cross-Section Sheets
How to Set up Plan and Profile Sheets - Detailed
How to Set up Cross-Section Sheets - Detailed

Advanced Roadway Classes

How to Input Superelevation
How to Use Design Criteria
Fundamental Approach to Grading Intersections
Grading Roadway Intersections Made Easy
Grading a Complex Roadway Intersection (1 of 2)
Grading a Complex Roadway Intersection (2 of 2)
Roundabout Workflow
Cul-de-sac Workflow
How to Use Conditional Subassemblies

Storm and Sanitary Analysis Classes

Pipe Network Setup in Civil 3D for SSA
SSA Pipe Network Analysis

Estimating Classes

Quantity Takeoff

Autodesk InfraWorks Classes NEW!

Infraworks Overview
Infraworks User Interface
Importing Data into Infraworks
Creating and Editing Features in Infraworks
Creating Presentations in Infraworks

Autodesk Navisworks Classes

Getting Started with Navisworks
Project Simulation in Navisworks
Checking for Conflicts in Navisworks

Autodesk 3ds Max Classes

Introduction to 3ds Max Design
Rendering a Revit Project in 3ds Max Design

AutoCAD Classes

AutoCAD User Interface Introduction
Creating AutoCAD Objects
Detailing and Annotating in AutoCAD
Editing AutoCAD Objects
Preparing AutoCAD Sheets
Publishing/Plotting AutoCAD Drawings
Sharing and Collaborating with AutoCAD
Understanding AutoCAD Drawing Components


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