LandSketch for Subdivisions is software for land planners intended to eliminate the inefficiencies in the land planning stage for residential design projects. Lay out conceptual subdivision designs electronically and pass that data to the designer to complete the final engineering design.



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What Others Are Saying

"The user interface is refreshingly simple, with minimal menu items and side menus. This simple interface actually hides an extremely complex program that can automatically draw and adjust the lots.

I enjoyed working with LandSketch and feel that it is a great tool for the early design phases of a residential subdivision. With its simple but effective user interface, there is no need to be CAD or GIS-fluent in order to learn and use it quickly. It is very efficient at trying multiple design scenarios quickly and having the results be useable from the aspects of both proper road and lot geometry.

James White, PLS
Professional Surveyor Magazine
April 2009

LandSketch™ for Subdivisions
$2495 MSRP

LandSketch™ for Subdivisions is designed to eliminate the inefficiencies in the planning stage for land development projects. Its main purpose is to allow you to quickly layout conceptual residential designs electronically and then pass that data to the designer to complete the final engineering design.

Key Benefits

LandSketch addresses the many problems that land planners and engineers are experiencing today. What if you could:  

  • Meet client deadlines on conceptual plans, avoiding the "over-engineering" time trap when using high-end design software.
  • Improve your profitability by eliminating the time it takes to convert paper sketches to electronic drawings.
  • Design the site for optimal return by re-using design elements from multiple alternatives.
Use LandSketch to speed up the Civil 3D subdivision design process.
Lay out your conceptual subdivision design and allow land planners to improve their land planning processes.


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