Designers' Companion™
$795 MSRP

Designers’ Companion™ reduces the number of steps and simplifies your workflow for common civil engineering design tasks within AutoCAD® Civil 3D®. Guided by a straightforward interface, Designers’ Companion offers AutoCAD Civil 3D users efficient tools to rapidly lay out subdivision streets, lots, highways, parking lots, detention ponds and subsurface terrain. By leveraging the dynamic, iterative power of the Civil 3D model earlier in the design process, project alternatives can be quickly modified and finalized sooner.

Key Benefit

For many design projects, the sophisticated and robust options AutoCAD Civil 3D provides are not always needed. By condensing the number of inputs and streamlining the interface, less time is spent worrying about which commands to run next, allowing more time to be spent on design.


  • Dramatically reduce the steps and simplify the command flow needed to initially create roadway corridors, combining the necessary inputs (alignments, profiles, assemblies, targets, etc.) into a single routine.
  • Quickly lay out subdivisions according to your local agency standards complete with alignments (centerline and right of way), centerline profile, and dynamic lots that move and update when your street changes.
  • Grade site details utilizing simple slope projections that produce 3-D Feature Lines linked to proposed surface models, bypassing the need for Grading Groups.
  • Generate subsurface terrain models using soil boring measurements and advanced modeling techniques that resolve daylighting conflicts between surfaces.
  • Draft inlet, manhole and pipe symbology into profile views for simple pipe representation when a full pipe network isn’t warranted.
  • Plus 15 other tools to help size and create detention ponds, grade parking lots, lay out utilities and generate reports to assist in many other design tasks.
Soil borings help designers create Civil 3D surfaces of the subsurface terrain.
Detention ponds can be designed in one simple command and generate Civil 3D surfaces.


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