Pinnacle Series Troubleshooting

Installing iKernel.exe Error

This indicates a Windows rights/permissions issue. During installation, Pinnacle Series requires Administrator rights in order to successfully install the application. Your System Administrator has set restrictions for you to install software onto your machine (i.e. your Windows User Account may be set to Limited User).

You will need to contact your System Administrator and have them assist you with elevating your rights (if even temporarily) in order to complete the installation.

Pinnacle Series could not communicate with its server Error

This error message indicates you do not have access to connect to the web services that are needed for Pinnacle Series. While this could be simply due to lack of an Internet connection, often times this indicates some sort of Firewall prevention or the use of a Proxy Server.

If you do have Internet access and still receive the error above, you will need to contact your IT Department/System Administrator and have them enable access for the Pinnacle application to the following domains:


Codec Error while playing a Video from the Videos Resource

Pinnacle Series requires Windows Media Player 11 or greater in order to play the videos. Visit the Windows Media player webpage at