Pinnacle Series Content for Infrastructure


Shorten the product learning curve by using the 100+ pre-loaded processes covering transferring data to and from the field, residential and commercial grading, roadway design, pipe layout and plans production.

AutoCAD Workflows
  • AutoCAD Interface and Concepts
  • Start and Save a Drawing
  • Draw Model
  • Edit Drawing
  • Annotate Drawing
  • Work with Blocks
  • Share and Collaborate on the Design
  • Publish the Drawing
Autodesk Design Review Workflows
  • Autodesk Design Review
AutoCAD Map 3D Workflows
Map Creation

  • Map Setup and Planning – Import, Connect or Transformation?
  • Connect to Map Data
  • Import Map Data
  • Transformation between Drawings – CAD Graphics Only
  • Point Transformation – Between Point File and Drawing
  • Point Transformation – Survey Database
  • Edit Connected Source Features
  • Analyze Connected Data (Features)
  • Edit Imported Data in Drawing
  • Analyze Imported Data (Graphics)
  • Export Data
AutoCAD Civil 3D Workflows
Getting Started

  • Fundamental Concepts

Bridge Design

  • Create Concrete Bridge Design

Create Project

  • Project Setup
  • Convert Land Desktop Project to a Civil 3D drawing
  • Importing Eagle Point Project Data into Civil 3D


  • Residential Grading Toolbox
  • Create Parking Lots
  • Detention Pond with Berm
  • Residential Lots

Gravity Pipes

  • Pipe Network Layout
  • Pipe Network Creation with Rules and Interference Checks
  • Pipe Network Setup for SSA or Storm Sewers


  • Calculate Runoff
  • Calculate Pipe Flow
  • Individual Non-Network Calculations

Part Builder

  • Create Custom Pipe Part

Plan Set Preparation

  • Sheets Toolbox
  • Annotation Toolbox

Pressure Pipes

  • Create a Parts List for Pressure Networks
  • Lay out Pressure Pipe Network (in Plan)
  • Editing Pressure Network (in Profile)
  • Add Pressure Network Labels & Tables

Quantity Takeoff

  • Prepare Master QTO Files & Templates
  • Calculate Project Quantities

Rail Design

  • Create Rail Design

Roadway Design

  • Create Simple Road Design
  • Create Cul-de-sac Road Design
  • Road Design Toolbox
  • Create Intersection
  • Create Highway Design
  • Create Roadway Reconstruction Design
  • Create Roundabout Design
  • Corridor Creation – Expert Mode

Soil Boring Surface

  • Create Borehole Surfaces (Geotechnical Module)
  • Create Borehole Surfaces (Designers Companion)

Storm and Sanitary Analysis

  • Project Planning for SSA
  • Network Setup in Civil 3D
  • Setup and Analysis of a Pipe Network in SSA
  • Update Project in Civil 3D

Subassembly Composer

  • Create a Custom Subassembly


  • Transferring Data from the Field
  • Entering and Adjusting Traverses
  • Transferring Data to the Field
  • Create Parcels
  • Existing Ground Surfaces Toolbox
  • Analyze Surfaces Toolbox
  • Working with Point Clouds
  • Point Transformation

DOT Workflows

  • Alaska
    • Create Survey Basemap and Topo Drawing
    • Create the Survey Project Drawing
    • Existing ROW Basemap Creation
    • Create Record Planset
    • Road Design Process
  • Wisconsin
    • Project Folder Structure and Naming Conventions
    • Configure Civil 3D for WisDOT
    • P&P Sheet Creation
    • X-Section Sheet Creation
    • Volumes by X-Section
    • Create Parcels
    • Road Design Process
    • Road Design Toolbox
    • Import Photogrammetric Survey Data
    • Import Field Survey Data
    • Entering and Adjusting Traverses
    • Transferring Data to the Field
    • Existing Ground Surfaces Toolbox
    • Analyze Surfaces Toolbox
Autodesk Infraworks Workflows
Getting Started with Autodesk Infraworks

  • Fundamental Concepts

Create a Conceptual Design in Infraworks

  • Create the Infraworks Project
  • Import and Configure Existing Data Sources
  • Create Conceptual Design Features
  • Add Additional Feature to Increase Realism
  • Create Presentation Materials
  • Transfer Conceptual Data to Civil 3D

Create and Optimize a Corridor Design

  • Create the Infraworks Project
  • Import and Configure Existing Data Sources
  • Create Conceptual Corridor Design
  • Transfer Conceptual Data to Civil 3D
Autodesk Vehicle Tracking Workflows
  • Creating and Editing a Parking Lot
  • Designing a Roundabout
  • Swept Path Analysis (AutoDrive)
  • System Configuration
Autodesk Navisworks Workflows
Navisworks Project Review

  • Interface and Concepts
  • Export Models
  • Start Navisworks Project
  • Review the Project
  • Visualization
  • Simulate the Construction
  • Locate Interferences
Autodesk 3ds Max Design Workflows
Project Visualization

  • Export the Model from Design Software
  • 3ds Max Design Project and Scene Set Up
  • Create and Import Objects
  • Set Up Cameras
  • Scene Materials
  • Illumination and Effects
  • Render

Project Visualization using Civil 3D

  • Export the Civil 3D Data
  • Import the Design into 3ds Max Design
  • Add Additional Content to the Scene
  • Light the Scene
  • Render the Scene
  • Bring in Design Changes
Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis Professional Workflows
  • Creating a Simple Building Design
  • Creating a Simple 2D Frame Design
  • Creating a Simple 3D Frame Design
  • Robot Structural Analysis/Revit Interoperability
Interoperability Workflows
Civil 3D to Revit Toposurface

  • Export Civil 3D Site Model
  • Site/Coordination Revit Project
Implementation Workflows
Civil 3D Implementation (Basic)

  • Civil 3D Implementation Process (Basic)

Civil 3D Implementation (Enterprise)

  • Implementation Process for Civil 3D

Civil 3D Styles and Template Creation

  • Creating Civil 3D Styles and Templates
  • Eagle Point Template Drawing for Civil 3D

Pinnacle Series Implementation

  • Deployment Preparation
  • Awareness and On-going Use
BIM and Project Delivery Workflows
BIM Implementation Workflow

  • Getting Started Concepts
  • Creating a BIM Project Execution Plan

BIM Overview Process Map – Map Example

  • Validate Program
  • Schematic Design
  • Perform Cost Estimation
  • Perform 3D Coordination
  • Develop Virtual Prototypes
  • Create 4D Model
  • Perform Engineering Analysis
  • Author Design Development

BIM Overview Process Map – Project Example

  • Design Authoring
  • Energy Analysis
  • Perform 4D Modeling
  • Perform 3D Coordination

BIM Overview Process Map – Template

  • Building (Preventative) Maintenance Scheduling
  • Building Systems Analysis
  • Asset Management
  • Space Management and Tracking
  • Disaster Planning
  • Record Modeling
  • Site Utilization Planning
  • Construction System Design (Virtual Mockup)
  • Digital Fabrication
  • 3D Control and Planning (Digital Layout)
  • 3D Coordination
  • Design Authoring
  • Engineering Analysis (Structural, Lighting, Energy, Mechanical)
  • Facility Energy Analysis
  • Structural Analysis
  • Lighting Analysis
  • Sustainability (LEED) Evaluation
  • Code Validation
  • Design Reviews
  • Programming
  • Site Analysis
  • Phase Planning (4D Modeling)
  • Cost Estimation (Quantity Takeoff)
  • Existing Conditions Modeling

Integrated Project Delivery

  • Conceptualization
  • Criteria Design
  • Detailed Design
  • Implementation Documents
  • Agency Coordination and Final Buyout
  • Construction
  • Closeout

How-to Videos

Quick 5-minute How-to videos teach people how to use common software commands.

AutoCAD Videos
AutoCAD Interface and Concepts

  • Fundamental Overview of Layers
  • Fundamental Overview of Model Space and Layouts
  • Fundamental Overview of Object Selection
  • Fundamental Overview of the User Interface
  • Using the Design Center

Starting and Saving Drawings

  • Creating a New Drawing
  • Assigning Layer and Object Properties
  • Using AutoCAD Drawing Utilities

Drawing Model Geometry

  • Draw 3D Polylines
  • Draw Arcs
  • Draw Circles
  • Draw Lines
  • Draw Polylines
  • Draw Splines
  • Layer Visibility
  • Place Points
  • Setting Elevation for Drawing Objects

Editing Objects

  • Erase Objects
  • Move Objects
  • Copy Objects
  • Rotate Objects
  • Scale Objects
  • Offset Objects
  • Mirror Objects
  • Trim Objects
  • Extend Objects
  • Fillet Objects
  • Break Objects
  • Changing Object Properties
  • Match Object Layer
  • Cleanup Drawing
  • Cleanup Display

Annotating the Drawing

  • Add Empty Table
  • Add Formatted Paragraphs
  • Add Hatches Fills and Wipeouts
  • Add Leadered Text
  • Add Simple Notes and Labels
  • Dimension Objects
  • Setting Up a Dimension Style
  • Setting Up a Multileader Style
  • Setting Up a Table Style
  • Setting Up a Text Style
  • Using Leader Styles
  • Using Dimension Styles
  • Using Text Styles and Properties
  • Using Annotative Text Styles

Working with Blocks

  • Define Block in Current Drawing
  • Define Block in New Drawing
  • Export Block Definition

Sharing and Collaborating

  • Add Georeferenced Map
  • Add Table with External Data Linked
  • Attach External References
  • Attach Images
  • Export Block Attribute Data to Excel

Publishing the Drawing

  • Create Layout
  • Plot Single Layout
  • Publish Single Layout to PDF
  • Publish Multiple Layouts
  • Publish Using Sheet Sets
AutoCAD Civil 3D Videos
What’s New in Civil 3D 2015

  • Anchoring Profile Geometry Points to Alignment Geometry Points
  • Displaying Online Map Imagery
  • Displaying Sliced Network Parts in Section Views
  • Editing Constraints on Profile Curves
  • Labeling Corridor Points in Section Views
  • Re-associating Labels to Different Objects
  • Replacing Subassemblies
  • Setting Frequency Increments in Corridors


  • Calculating Cant for Rail Alignment
  • Calculating Superelevation on Alignments
  • Creating Alignments from Layout Tools
  • Creating Alignments from Objects
  • Creating Offset Alignments
  • Creating a Widening Alignment
  • Editing Alignments


  • Changing the Precision of Labels
  • Labeling ROW on Section Views
  • Labeling Link Codes on Section Views
  • Labeling Point Codes on Section Views
  • Placing Alignment Labels
  • Placing Parcel Labels
  • Placing Pipe Network Labels
  • Placing Pressure Pipe Labels
  • Placing Profile Labels
  • Placing Section Labels
  • Placing Surface Labels
  • Using Expressions in Labels


  • Creating Assemblies
  • Editing Assemblies
  • Using Offset Assemblies
  • Using Stripping Subassemblies

Bridge Design

  • Completing and Viewing the Bridge Model
  • Completing the Road Definition Form
  • Defining the Bridge Substructures
  • Defining the Bridge Superstructures
  • Projecting the Bridge Model on Section Views
  • Reviewing and Modifying the Bridge Layout


  • Adding a Corridor Surface Boundary
  • Creating a Corridor
  • Creating a Corridor Surface
  • Editing Corridor Parameters
  • Using the Intersection Wizard

Data Shortcuts

  • Creating and Referencing Data Shortcuts
  • Editing Data Shortcuts
  • Setting Up Data Shortcuts


  • Creating a Drawing from a Template
  • Understanding Object & Component Layers
  • Using Transparent Commands

Grading and Feature Lines

  • Creating Feature Lines from Objects
  • Creating a Simple Grading Group
  • Creating Feature Lines
  • Creating Grading Infills
  • Editing Feature Lines Geometry
  • Editing Feature Lines Elevations
  • Editing Grading Objects


  • Creating Parcels from Layout Tools
  • Creating Parcels from Objects

Part Builder

  • Adding Floor Thickness Values to a Structure in Part Builder
  • Changing the Floor Thickness of a Structure in Part Builder
  • Editing Pipe Sizes in Part Builder
  • Create New Pipe Part
  • Set up Workplane and Drawing Environment
  • Create Pipe Geometry
  • Create COL Geometry
  • Define Model Dimensions and Parameters
  • Define Constraints
  • Test Part Geometry and Constraints
  • Define Size Parameters
  • Generate Part Bitmap
  • Validate Part

Pipe Networks Gravity

  • Creating Pipe Network Profiles
  • Creating Pipe Networks
  • Creating Pipe Network from Objects
  • Editing Pipe Networks
  • Running Pipe Network Interference Checks

Pipe Networks Pressure

  • Creating a Pressure Network in Plan
  • Creating a Pressure Network Parts List
  • Editing a Pressure Network in Plan
  • Editing a Pressure Network Profile

Plans Production

  • Creating Plan and Profile Sheets
  • Creating Section Sheets
  • Creating View Frames

Point Clouds

  • Creating a Point Cloud
  • Creating Surface from Point Cloud


  • Creating Civil 3D Points from Blocks
  • Importing a Point File
  • Importing Survey Data
  • Using the Point Creation Tools


  • Creating Design Profiles
  • Creating Existing Ground Profiles
  • Editing Profiles

Quantities and Volumes

  • Calculating Corridor Earthwork Quantities
  • Calculating Corridor Material Quantities
  • Calculating Surface Volumes


  • Creating Sample Lines
  • Creating Section Views
  • Editing Corridor Sections

Soil Boring Surfaces (Designers Companion)

  • Create Borehole Surfaces and Profiles
  • Import Borehole Data
  • Manage Soil Boring Data
  • Manage Surfaces

Soil Boring Surfaces (Geotechnical Module)

  • Create and Manage Strata Surfaces
  • Import Borehole Data
  • Sample Profiles from Strata Surfaces

Storm and Sanitary Analysis

  • Creating and Editing Network Links
  • Creating and Editing Network Nodes
  • Creating and Editing Subbasins
  • Creating Plots
  • Running an Analysis
  • Setting up a Sanitary Network
  • Setting up Bypass Flow for Inlets on Grade
  • Setting up IDF Curves and Rain gauge Data
  • Setting up SSA Project
  • Understanding Project and Analysis Options
  • Understanding SSA Basics

Subassembly Composer

  • Preparing to Create a Subassembly
  • Creating a Custom Subassembly
  • Importing a Subassembly into Civil 3D


  • Adding Boundaries to Surfaces
  • Adding Breaklines to Surfaces
  • Creating Surface from Contours
  • Creating Surfaces

Survey Database

  • Creating a Survey Database
  • Importing Files in Survey Database
  • Editing Survey Database Figures

Civil 3D Tamplate Creation

  • Eagle Point Styles Template Introduction
  • Copying CAD Standards Between Drawings
  • Copying Civil 3D Styles Between Drawings
  • Importing Civil 3D Styles Settings
  • Defining Object Layers in Drawing Settings
  • Creating a Description Key Set
  • Manipulating Point Styles
  • Manipulating Point Label Styles
  • Defining Component Layers within Objects
  • Defining Layers within Object Label Styles
  • Defining CAD Settings for Family Label Styles
  • Manipulating Label Sets
  • Manipulating Band Sets
  • Manipulating Object View Styles
  • Manipulating Table Styles
  • Setting up Section View Project
  • Creating Multiple Section Views
  • Manipulating Group Plot Styles
  • Manipulating Section View Styles
  • Manipulating Section View Band Sets
  • Manipulating Table Styles for End Area Volumes
  • Creating Sheet Layouts with Plan Production
  • Manipulating Plan Production Templates
  • Creating Plan and Profile Sheets
  • Manipulating the Profile View Style
  • Manipulating the Profile Label Styles
  • Manipulating the Profile View Band Styles
  • Manipulating the Plan Production Template

Visualization in 3ds Max Design

  • Adding Content to the Scene
  • Exporting Data to 3ds Max Design
  • Importing Data into 3ds Max Design
  • Lighting and Rendering the Scene
Autodesk Infraworks Videos
Creating and Editing Features

  • Creating and Editing Features Overview
  • Creating and Editing Roads
  • Designing and Editing Roads

Creating Presentation Materials

  • Creating Renderings
  • Creating Storyboards

Exporting Data

  • Exporting Data to Civil 3D


  • Controlling Visual Effects
  • Infraworks Overview
  • Infraworks User Interface
  • Starting a Project
  • Understanding Proposals

Importing Data

  • Importing Data Overview
  • Importing Roads

Themes and Analysis

  • Creating Themes and Analyzing Features
Autodesk Vehicle Tracking Videos
  • Add Parking Rows
  • Analyze Vehicle Parking
  • Refine Parking Bays
  • Refine Parking Islands
  • Refine Parking Rows
  • Add Approach Roads
  • Add Crosswalks
  • Add Splitter Islands
  • Construct Road Centerlines
  • Create Roundabout
  • Create Roundabout Corridor
  • Define Drawing Settings Roundabout
  • Set Visibility Options
  • Add Details and Reports
  • Analyze Vehicle Path
  • Define Drawing Settings Swept Path
  • Define Vehicle Path
  • Edit Vehicle Path
  • Edit Vehicle Path Properties
AutoCAD Map 3D Videos

  • Analyzing Connected Data
  • Analyzing Imported Data
  • Creating a Connected Data Query

Connecting and Importing Data

  • Bringing in Map Images
  • Connecting to Data
  • Importing Map Data

Exporting Data

  • Export Civil 3D Objects to SHP

Editing Data

  • Editing Connected Data
  • Editing Imported Data

Themes and Styles

  • Creating Imported Data Theme
  • Setting Data Display Styles
  • Labels for Connected Data
  • Labels for Imported Graphics
Autodesk Navisworks Videos
Clash Detection

  • Setting Up a Clash Test
  • Running the Test


  • Understanding Navisworks Files and Formats
  • Understanding the Navisworks Interface

Project Review

  • Creating a Navisworks Project
  • Exporting Civil 3D Models
  • Exporting Revit Models
  • Navigating the Project
  • Overriding Object Appearance and Visibility
  • Redlining the Project
  • Selecting Objects
  • Understanding the Navigation Tools
  • Using Navigation Aids, Grids, and Measuring Tools for Review
  • Using Switchback with AutoCAD
  • Using Switchback with Revit
  • Using the Sectioning Tools


  • Adding Dates and Task Types
  • Adding Tasks from External Data Source
  • Adding Tasks from Objects in the Project
  • Adding Tasks Manually
  • Running the Simulation


  • Creating a Viewpoint Animation
Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis Professional Videos

  • Creating and Applying Load Case Combinations for a 2D Frame
  • Running Calculations and Review Results
  • Seismic Analysis


  • Steel Design


  • Adding and Editing Beams
  • Adding and Editing Walls
  • Adding Columns
  • Converting a 2D Frame to a 3D Frame
  • Copying Stories
  • Creating a 2D Frame Model
  • Creating Structural Axes and Stories for Building Design
  • Creating and Editing Floors and Floor Openings
  • Object Selection and Editing
  • Robot Structural Analysis Professional/Revit Interoperability

Training Videos

Unlimited access to expert-led 1 hour training sessions that teach people the proper workflow and which commands to use.

AutoCAD Training
General Classes

  • AutoCAD User Interface Introduction
  • Creating AutoCAD Objects
  • Detailing and Annotating in AutoCAD
  • Editing AutoCAD Objects
  • Preparing AutoCAD Sheets
  • Publishing/Plotting AutoCAD Drawings
  • Sharing and Collaborating with AutoCAD
  • Understanding AutoCAD Drawing Components
AutoCAD Civil 3D Training
Overview Classes

  • What’s New in AutoCAD Civil 3D 2016*
  • Civil 3D Capabilities Overview
  • Civil 3D User Interface Introduction
  • How Civil 3D Styles Function
  • How to Create and Modify Styles
  • Recommendations for Styles and Template Organization
  • Data Shortcuts

*Content for previous versions of Autodesk AutoCAD Civil 3D included as recorded training videos.

Survey Classes

  • Import Survey Data
  • Working with and without the Survey Database
  • Working with Points
  • Creating and Editing Surfaces
  • How to Create Civil 3D Parcels
  • Point Clouds

Grading Classes

  • Feature Lines
  • Grading Groups
  • Volumes
  • Detention Pond and Parking Lot Workflows

Corridors Classes

  • How to Create and Edit Alignments
  • How to Create and Edit Profiles
  • How to Use and Create Assemblies
  • How to Create and Modify Corridors
  • Roadway Design Workflow
  • Techniques to Create Advanced Corridors
  • How to Edit Sections
  • How to Calculate Corridor Volumes
  • Controlling Corridor and Section Display
  • Rural Road Example
  • Right of Way Constraints
  • How to Handle Driveways
  • Corridors Are Not Just For Roads (Rail and Utilities)

Pipe Networks Classes

  • How to Lay out a Pipe Network
  • How to Control Pipe Network Styles/Parts
  • How to Use and Modify Pressure Networks

Plan Production Classes

  • How to Create Plan and Profile Sheets
  • How to Create Cross-Section Sheets
  • How to Set up Plan and Profile Sheets – Detailed
  • How to Set up Cross-Section Sheets – Detailed

Advanced Roadway Classes

  • How to Input Superelevation
  • How to Use Design Criteria
  • Fundamental Approach to Grading Intersections
  • Grading Roadway Intersections Made Easy
  • Grading a Complex Roadway Intersection (1 of 2)
  • Grading a Complex Roadway Intersection (2 of 2)
  • Roundabout Workflow
  • Cul-de-sac Workflow
  • How to Use Conditional Subassemblies
  • Modeling Low Profile Curbs using Feature Lines
  • Modeling Low Profile Curbs through Corridor Modeling – Part 1
  • Modeling Low Profile Curbs through Corridor Modeling – Part 2

Storm and Sanitary Analysis Classes

  • Pipe Network Setup in Civil 3D for SSA
  • SSA Pipe Network Analysis

Estimating Classes

  • Quantity Takeoff
  • Calculating Material Quantities using Quantity Takeoff
  • Calculating Material Quantities using Sample Lines
Civil 3D Companion Products Training
  • Data Reduction
  • Designers’ Companion
  • Surveyors’ Companion
Autodesk Infraworks Training
General Classes

  • Infraworks Overview
  • Infraworks User Interface
  • Importing Data into Infraworks
  • Creating and Editing Features in Infraworks
  • Creating Presentations in Infraworks
AutoCAD Map 3D Training
General Classes

  • Map 3D Basics
  • Created Connected Maps
  • Working With Connected Maps
  • Importing Graphics for a Map
  • Working with Imported Graphics
Autodesk 3ds Max Design Training
  • Introduction to 3ds Max Design
  • Rendering a Revit Project in 3ds Max Design
  • Rendering a Civil 3D Project in 3ds Max Design
Autodesk Navisworks Training
  • Navisworks Overview
  • Getting Started with Navisworks
  • Project Simulation in Navisworks
  • Checking for Conflicts in Navisworks
Autodesk Vehicle Tracking Training
  • Parking Lot Design
  • Roundabout Design
  • Swept Path Prediction
Pinnacle Series Training
  • Overview
  • User Administration and Configuration
  • Custom Workflow Creation
  • Custom Cheat Sheet Creation
  • Custom Training and Video Creation
  • Managing and Editing Custom Content
  • Expanding Your Productivity Platform

Learning Paths

Structured course outlines guide users through self-paced training curriculum.

Civil 3D Fundamentals (Beginner)

Civil 3D Overview

  • Introduction to Capabilities and Benefits
  • User Interface
  • Styles
  • Point Object Relationships (Points, Point Groups, Surfaces)
  • Sites Object Relationships (Alignments, Parcels, Feature Lines, Grading Groups and Surfaces)
  • Alignment Object Relationships (Alignments, Profiles, Sample Lines, Sections)
  • Data Shortcuts

Points and Surfaces

  • Working with Points (Description Keys, Point Display, Point Groups)
  • Importing Points (Point File, Survey Database, Coordinate Systems)
  • Surface Basics
  • Point Clouds (Display, Surfaces)


  • Creating Parcels from Layout Tools
  • Creating Parcels from Objects
  • Parcel Reports
  • Parcel Styles

Feature Lines

  • Creating Feature Lines
  • Creating Feature Lines from Objects
  • Editing Geometry and Elevations


  • Creating and Editing Surfaces
  • Grading Feature Lines
  • Grading Groups
  • Grading Volumes

Alignments, Profiles and Sections

  • Creating and Editing Alignments
  • Creating and Editing Profiles
  • Profile Labeling
  • Creating Sample Lines
  • Creating Section Views
  • Creating Section View Sheets

Pipe Network Layout

  • Using Pressure Pipe Networks
  • Creating and Editing Pressure Networks in Plan
  • Creating and Editing Pressure Networks in Profile

Plans Production

  • Plan and Profile (P&P) Sheet Basics
  • Creating View Frames
  • Creating Plan and Profile Sheets
Civil 3D CAD Management (Intermediate)

Civil 3D Styles and Templates

  • How Style Function
  • How to Create and Modify Styles
  • Recommendations for Styles and Template Organization
Civil 3D Modeling In-Depth (Intermediate)

Alignments, Profiles and Sections

  • Creating Offset Alignments
  • Creating Transition Alignments
  • Using Design Criteria
  • Calculating Superelevation on Alignments


  • Creating and Editing Assemblies
  • Assembly Code Set Styles
  • Creating a Corridor
  • Creating a Corridor Surface and Boundary
  • Editing Corridor Parameters
  • Modifying Corridor Regions
  • Editing Sections
  • Editing Corridor Sections
  • Quantity Takeoff
  • Volumes by Surface
  • Material Quantities using Sample Lines

Pipe Network Design

  • Setting up Pipe Networks for Storm and Sanitary Analysis (SSA)
  • SSA Pipe Network Analysis
Advanced Civil 3D (Advanced)

Intersections and Roundabout Design

  • Fundamental Approach to Grading Intersections
  • Using the Intersection Wizard
  • Grading a Roadway Intersection
  • Grading a Complex Roadway Intersection
  • Roundabout Workflow
AutoCAD Fundamentals (Beginner)

AutoCAD Overview

  • Introduction to Capabilities and Benefits
  • User Interface
  • Understanding Drawing Components

Drawing Skills

  • Creating Objects
  • Editing Objects
  • Dealing and Annotating
  • Sharing and Collaborating

Printing and Plotting

  • Preparing Sheets
  • Publishing/Plotting AutoCAD Drawings
Navisworks Fundamentals (Beginner)

Navisworks Overview

  • Introduction to Capabilities and Benefits
  • User Interface
  • Files and Formats

Project Coordination

  • Exporting Revit Models
  • Exporting Civil 3D Models
  • Creating a Navisworks Project (New, Append, Project Settings, Starting Viewpoint)
  • Understanding Navigation Tools
  • Navigating the Project
  • Using Navigation Aids, Grids and Measuring Tools for Review
  • Selecting Objects
  • Overriding Object Appearance and Visibility
  • Using Sectioning Tools

Conflict Checking

  • Navigating the Project
  • Using Navigation Aids, Grids and Measuring Tools for Review
  • Selecting Objects
  • Overriding Object Appearance and Visibility
  • Redlining the Project
  • Reporting Redlines and Comments
  • Updating Revit and Civil 3D Models
  • Using the Automated Clash Detection Tool
  • Clash Detective Interface
  • Setting Up and Running a Clash Test
Navisworks Project Coordination In-Depth (Intermediate)

Project Simulation

  • TimeLiner Interface
  • Adding Tasks from Objects in the Project
  • Adding Tasks Manually
  • Adding Tasks from External Data Source
  • Adding Dates and Task Types
  • Running the Simulation


  • Quantification Project Setup
  • Adding Items for Takeoffs
  • Adding Resources for Takeoffs
  • Creating Model Takeoffs
  • Creating 2D and Virtual Takeoffs
  • Importing Catalogs and Exporting Takeoffs
  • Updating Model Takeoffs
Pinnacle Series Fundamentals
  • Overview
  • Customizing Content
  • Administration
What's New in Autodesk Products 2017
  • What’s New in AutoCAD
  • What’s New in Civil 3D
  • What’s New in Navisworks
  • What’s New in Revit
What's New in Pinnacle Series
  • What’s New in Pinnacle Series