Pinnacle Series for Civil Infrastructure

With new BIM solutions such as Autodesk Infrastructure Design Suite providing model-based civil, structural and utility design, analysis and visualization capabilities, organizations have to rethink their workflow and how they utilize this technology to deliver their designs.

Pinnacle Series is the ideal solution to help you implement and leverage the comprehensive infrastructure planning, design & building tools and workflows contained within the Autodesk Suites and the AEC Collection.

Pinnacle Series by Eagle Point Software


  • Meet Client Deliverable RequirementsProject workflows guide people through procedures to consistently deliver projects according to your client standards and best practices.
  • Replace Multi-day Classroom TrainingLive, expert-led on-line classes allow you to take just the right amount of training while getting your questions answered on the spot.
  • Leverage Technology InvestmentsPromote the proper use of the modeling, analysis, and design tools by your project teams at the appropriate times in your design process.
  • Just-in-time learning“How-to” Videos and Recorded Training Classes enable people to learn when they need it while working on projects, increasing proficiency by showing the right options, settings and buttons to click.
  • Help When You’re StuckCheat Sheets cut the time people spend searching for answers by re-familiarizing themselves on infrequent tasks with your organization’s unique tips, tricks and secrets.
  • Connect with Subject Matter ExpertsPeople can ask for help from their peers, internal helpdesk or from Eagle Point experts using built-in chat.

What is Pinnacle Series

Pinnacle Series helps design firms get the most out of their Autodesk technology. Through a combination of content and services, design professionals access onscreen Workflow, Cheat Sheet & Video content, and receive unlimited Live Training and Technical Support. It connects people to trusted information that answers their toughest questions and makes them more productive.

What makes Pinnacle Series unique is that it is so much more than training. Competing E-learning systems focus on videos and training exercises. Pinnacle has those too, but goes much further in what it offers and delivers higher productivity.

Why Should Your Organization Use Pinnacle Series?

No matter your role, Pinnacle Series helps bring value to your organization whether that is in increased use of your technology investments, lowering training and onboarding costs or taking on new types of projects. Ultimately firms use Pinnacle Series to help strengthen their bottom line.

For Executives
Pinnacle Series helps enforce standard practices and share corporate knowledge, thereby lowering your costs and positioning your organization for growth.

  • Expand service offerings to generate new revenue.
  • Lessen worker frustration, and increase employee retention.
  • Create a flexible workforce, maximizing team resources by confidently sharing work between offices while keeping your clients happy.
  • Keep training costs low while accelerating the onboarding process.
For Managers
Pinnacle Series enables your teams to maintain high utilization rates, getting people the answers they need to stay productive.

  • Immediate access to answers keeps work stoppage to a minimum and allows people to maximize billable time.
  • Document standard procedures and project processes to ensure a consistent “Standard of Care”.
  • Extract and share knowledge from all parts of the organization.
For Engineers/Designers
Pinnacle Series empowers you to solve your own problems quickly and to contribute your knowledge and experience to the rest of the organization.

  • No more searching for answers on the Internet with little guarantee of the trustworthiness of the results.
  • Stay up to date with the latest changes in the technology to ensure you are staying ahead of the curve.
  • Feel confident using new tools while staying billable and meeting your deadlines.

Autodesk Civil Infrastructure Products Supported

  • AutoCAD® Civil 3D®
  • Autodesk® InfraWorks
  • AutoCAD®
  • AutoCAD® Map 3D®
  • Autodesk® Storm & Sanitary Analysis
  • Autodesk® Vehicle Tracking
  • Autodesk® Navisworks®
  • Autodesk® 3ds Max® Design
  • Autodesk® Design Review
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Eagle Point Companion Products

Eagle Point’s Civil 3D Companion products incorporate the power of AutoCAD Civil 3D with a streamlined workflow and a familiar toolset. What this means to you is more work gets done in less time, with greater consistency and less headaches. By using automated functions you take full advantage of AutoCAD Civil 3D’s power.
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