Pinnacle Series FAQs

How is Pinnacle Series Licensed?

Pinnacle Series is offered as an Enterprise Subscription service with user access managed through the Pinnacle Series Web Service residing on the Microsoft Windows Azure platform. This Enterprise Subscription allows for an unlimited number of users to access the software within your organization. This means you can install Pinnacle Series on every machine/mobile device and ensure no one is ever denied access to the Pinnacle Series resources.

Access to content and services are made available through specific subscriptions you purchase. Currently available subscriptions include “Building Design”, “Civil Infrastructure” and “Building & Infrastructure”.

Can I use Pinnacle Series at home?

Yes. Provided you have Internet access, all you need to do is install the Pinnacle Series application on your home computer using the same download link provided to you for your work computer. Use the same Sign In information as you would on your work computer.

Can I use Pinnacle Series on a tablet or phone?

Yes. Pinnacle Series can be run on iOs and Android systems using the mobile app. Visit the App Store or Google Play to install the free app.

Can Pinnacle Series run without an Internet connection (access offline)?

No. An Internet connection is required at all times to access the Pinnacle Series Resources.

Can I change/edit the supplied content?

Yes. Pinnacle Series allows you to fully change/edit supplied content. The supplied content can be used as the basis for your own customized content or you can build your own content from scratch.

Can I add my own content?

Yes. You can create your own custom Workflows & Cheat Sheets that include tool links to commands, documents, websites and other Pinnacle content. Additionally, you can add your own custom Videos and store those in Pinnacle Series cloud storage at no additional charge.

Where is my content/information stored?

Content you create is stored in a private location in the Microsoft Windows Azure Cloud platform. Access to your content is enabled through your Sign-In Email and Password and is only available to you.

How secure is the Pinnacle Series?

Eagle Point takes security and privacy seriously and as such, recognizes the importance of securing the Pinnacle Series application itself, as well as the cloud platform to ensure your information is protected. Eagle Point relies on the combination of the Microsoft Windows Azure security measures along with specific security measures to prevent access to our application for questionable/malicious purposes.

For more information refer to System Architecture, Security and Privacy.

What are the System Requirements?

Pinnacle Series requires minimal system resources. If user workstations already have a 2012 (or greater) version of an Autodesk product installed, they already meet the requirements for Pinnacle Series.

Click here for more information on exact requirements.

How much of the system/network resources does Pinnacle Series consume?

The installation of Pinnacle Series only requires about 20 MB of hard drive space on users’ computers. While running, the application accesses the Workflow, Cheat Sheet, and Chat resources utilizing minimal bandwidth. Viewing Videos and attending live Training classes does require more bandwidth to stream, but progressive buffering of this information helps minimize the load on network resources.

Can Pinnacle Series run on a virtualized PC?

Yes. The virtual PC must meet the minimum System Requirements including having Internet access.